Gas and electricity diagnostics in Bordeaux

Who does not dream of living in healthy and safe accommodation? In fact, gas and electricity diagnostics give you a high level of safety and optimal comfort. They testify that the installations are in accordance with current legislation. The first decree on diagnostics from real estate is from 1996. Whether it is about rent or sale of real estate, diagnostics for gas and electricity is still mandatory. Zoom in on the subject.

Who can perform a gas and electricity diagnosis in Bordeaux?

Only professionals who are certified as Allodiagnostic have the necessary permits to perform one gas and electricity diagnosis in Bordeaux or in other cities in France. In fact, the Ministry of Ecodeship must certify the diagnostician. Furthermore, today there is a directory that contains the list of all certified real estate agents. This allows you to simplify your searches.

At the end of the diagnosis, the service provider prepares a report that will be an integral part of the technical or DDT diagnosis file. The future occupant of the home, whether it is a tenant or a buyer, can then access this document.

If the gas and electricity diagnosis reveals one or more discrepancies, it is the owner’s responsibility to carry out the necessary repairs before renting or selling. This allowshave a house in the standards, in addition to adding value to the property. Thus, if you live in Gironde, the diagnosticians will be able to help you perform all the diagnostics for sale or rent.

real estate diagnostically certified diagnostician

What does the gas and electricity diagnosis consist of?

The electricity diagnosis consists of check compliance with all electrical installations in the house. The property diagnostician specifically checks the protection unit and the general control unit. It also checks if the high sensitivity difference, the power switch, the electrical panel, the meter and the sockets are working properly.

With regard to the gas diagnosis, it is possible to examine the condition of units for heating hot water production. It also consists of checking the design of the premises where the gas appliances are located. Is the circuit well sealed? Is all gas-related equipment reliable? These are all answers that the real estate diagnostician must answer.

Why perform a gas and electricity diagnosis?

First and foremost, the diagnosis of gas and electricity is a legal obligation, especially in connection with the sale or rental of real estate. The future tenant or the future buyer of the home has every right torequires the diagnostic report for gas and electricity from the property in question.

In Bordeaux, as in the rest of France, the diagnosis of gas and electricity also provides information on the nature and extent of the renovation work to be carried out. In fact, this type of diagnosis is mainly intended for houses over 15 years of age. After this period, it is important to check whether the installations still meet the standards.

note it the certificate issued by the real estate diagnostician is valid for 3 years. After this period, the owner must make the diagnosis again. The termite diagnosis, the asbestos diagnosis and the ERP diagnosis (state of risk and pollution) add to the list of mandatory property diagnoses.

You can leave them to one and the same authorized professional.