Garage doors and all your information

If you’re reading this, it’s because you’re looking for a business that doesn’t just make you Repair your garage doors, but accompanies you during installation, repair and maintenance and helps you to have all the documents so that you will not have any more problems in the future.



Choosing a company specializing in the garage sector is important as it will help you with:

Manufacture of garage doors

There are several types of reinforced garage doors (top, bottom and sliding hinges, etc.). It is important during installation to request the relevant mandatory documents (declaration of conformity (motorized only), declaration of performance, CE marking, safety manual, maintenance book, etc.) from the inspection body of the installation company so that we can ensure that everything is in accordance with the regulations and the door meets the safety requirements in order to avoid dangerous situations and accidents. We also have an official report evidence to third parties, if we want additional guarantee, we can at any time ask the manufacturer / installer to inspect the door documentation from the responsible engineering school. Some companies like it PARKING CONTROL They will be able to ask you questions and help you with all of these steps.

Garage door repair

We advise you Repairs are always carried out by a qualified specialist To have the maximum guarantee and not just take care of your repairs, you can get one too Security report (ITS) to officially know the condition of the door and to correct any errors.

While not mandatory today, it is the only tool consumers should use. Check if our door complies with the regulationsIt is safe and has proper documentation, which is very important if there is an accident with the door and the insurance intervenes, especially if we have to go to court later or have a complaint, inspection, etc.

Garage door maintenance

Once we have decided to replace or repair our garage door, we will remind you that this is what you need to do keep them in compliance with the regulations. Contact the company so you can Carry out documented maintenance, both preventive and corrective Your garage doors, whether manual, automatic or pedestrian access, periodically according to the requirements of the customer system and according to the regulations.

Installation of CCTV cameras

While we believe our vehicle is safe in the garage, at some point you may have heard it was pulled into a car or storage room and stolen.

Therefore, we recommend that you place them Video surveillancebecause it helps the customer to have information when needed. It’s also more likely Avoid vandalism or theft on our property. This type of security is becoming more and more important every day, it is also a good reserve if the damage has to be justified to the insurance company.

Information is always important. This type of installation must be carried out by a specialist who is not only professionally qualified, but also takes into account the limits of compliance with data protection. This type of installation must meet certain requirements in order to comply with data protection.

The installation of inactive systems is also a type of system to be considered, but only as a deterrent, more and more « clandestine or camouflaged » camera installations are also required in order to see without having the feeling that a camera is still about its existence be informed.

Low voltage electrical installations

All of the above should be kept from. be designed qualified technicians And when it comes to installing, repairing and maintaining electrical systems, remember that the company is certified low voltage installer because he is responsible for the installation, repair, maintenance and control of a. responsible for An approved inspection body (OCA) is necessary to ensure good conditions the condition and safety of its users and, as far as possible, avoid electrical and other dangerous situations that may arise.

It is important to be careful Electrical installations in multi-storey car parks with 25 or more parking spaces must be checked periodically by the OCA every 5 years and residential buildings with a total installed output of more than 100 kW every 10 years. The identification reports issued by the approved installation company are essential in order to know the condition of the installation according to the Low Voltage Electrical Regulations (REBT).

So if you are looking for a company to help you with all of these procedures and do these installations and work with warranties, we recommend that you understand that they have the necessary certificates and know how to help and manage you. various requests for reports related to the installation, if any, as the company does PARKING CONTROL