Full or partial reform?

After more than 10 years of contact with reform and construction professionals, we think it would be interesting to give you some advice know how to decide whether it is better to completely reform your house or, on the contrary, only partially.

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3 tips for deciding whether to undertake a full or partial reform

1. What is the condition of your house?

It is very important to think the country where our home is located and always choose the best way to improve it because it is not the same because your house only needs to change the floor, paint, insulation or a few changes to the windows rather than appliances, furniture or even the general distribution this to improve its functionality.

Before making a decision, you need to carefully plan what you need to change and what you don’t. Make a list of any upgrades that you think would work this way for your home You can determine whether you need full or partial reform.

2 urgent reform

Another factor that can determine whether we need full or partial reform is the urgency of the work. Where do we want to start? such as It’s not the same Replacement of an old electrical installation that is constantly causing problems (which is a sign that a major reform is required), than completely renovating the bathroom due to the fact that the models of plumbing that accompany the apartment are no longer in fashion or you do not like them (in this case, you can carry out a partial reform of the areas that you want to adapt to your new needs or tastes).


Yes, we left the budget last, but not because it is the least important, but because it is We must always keep this in mind when reforming. Our budget always determines the nature of our work.

Many people think that if you gradually make changes because you have a budget, it will get better and you will spend less. From now on we tell you no, that becomes more expensive in the long run, on the other hand, if we do this in a comprehensive reform.

If you are planning multiple changes in your home and they are not urgent, take advantage and save to make them all at once, not just because the budget is more profitable (« the more the workload is important, the greater the » savings ), but it will also make you feel less uncomfortable. Having time to reform is not the same thing, and when you are done your house is ready because you want to do a partial reform with small changes every « X » months. Remember the phrase « When you start reform, go for it in full »

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