Frequently asked questions to customers – what to answer

If you’ve been in the construction business for several years, you will usually find that individuals They generally have the same doubts before the reforms they will carry out at home. We need to be able to give them a quick answer to show them that we are aware of this and can resolve any questions that may arise. Even this human experience can help you create your own mental document. the most common questions and passed it to resolve all doubts.

Frequently asked questions from customers to Reformer

What are the most common questions?

We will make a list of those we consider to be the most common. If you can contribute more, keep going! Oh, and also comment on the answer you give him. This is how you can help other reformers.

How long do you think the reform will take?

They haven’t started reform and they are already asking you when you will complete it. Usually they know the house will be « sunk » for a while and want to more or less calculate how long it will take.

The answer is complex. You can handle rough deadlines, but you can never tell exactly. Many factors will have an impact: the size of the house, the work required … Tell the client and offer you a range of dates (treat healthy and go away when you finally finish earlier, much better). The individual will appreciate your sincerity– Don’t lie and don’t set the deadlines too tight. Although the client may not have much control over the subject, they are not stupid.

What licenses or permits do I need for what I want to do at home?

You have to ask you. However, if you discover in your conversations that the customer did not « meet » this detail, it is important to mention (especially to avoid complaints and interruptions at work). Remind him of it No license is required for painting, tiling, plastering, changing floors, windows and renovating the kitchen or bathroom.

But if you want a more complex job that requires documentation from town hall‘Let him know. Depending on how long it takes to apply and get approval, completion times can vary widely (you should let them know so there are no surprises later).

What if something unexpected happens to me?

The customer will likely always try to bill you for the unexpected. However, it should be understood that if something unexpected happens during work, You are not responsible, and neither is the customer, of course (unless I’ve withheld information from you).

As unexpected as it may be, it cannot be included in the initial budget. Properly inform the customer of the consequences this unexpected problem can have, not only during the delivery time, but also in increasing the final cost of the labor.

In the meetings that you held before starting work, Always inform about the possibility that such a thing happens and what is your policy to resolve it.

Are you charging me for anything?

The usual thing is that they always want it. Is it his security guard in case of a problem during the months. Let them know how often they are sent invoices and certificates, and how often they are billed for work done.

It is important that everything is clear from the start Your responsibility to meet deadlines and delivery of invoices like yours when paying if applicable.

We have made a selection of the most frequently asked questions. But we are sure there will be many more. Can you help us complete this list? What are the most common questions for you and what answers do you give?

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