Fixed or sliding shower walls?

If you want to renovate your bathroom or want to gradually renovate it, you can choose between fixed or sliding shower screens It is a decision to be made. In this article we will therefore point out the advantages of each screen type and recommend some of our favorites from the catalog so that you can make a clearer choice.

Advantages of fixed shower walls

These screens are made of simple sheets of glass that only enclose a specific part of the shower, usually where the entire faucet or other equipment is located. They are popular with designers and brands because of the formal elegance and the enormous design possibilities that they offer. These screens follow a different line minimalist YY attractive. Among all these models you will find compositions with different degrees of airtightness and different surface thicknesses or profile types.

They are very easy to clean thanks to the lack of bearings and the low profile. It also enables them to be more resilient and have one much longer life. This aspect and the fact that they are open make them more functional, whether in a small or large space. It is true that with a large shower, functionality and performance are superior due to the dimensions available. They are characterized by great practicality.

You can redefine your bathroom layout and create open access to the shower by adapting the rest of the bathroom to your available space. If you’re busy remodeling bathrooms, consider a more optimal distribution. Indeed, make sure that a high availability This is a very popular detail in homes with people with low mobility.

Benefits of sliding shower screens

They have at least one sliding plate and one static or fixed plate. Movable panels, in this case sliding doors, slide on the rail. This rail can be up or down, and while it is less common, sometimes they try to achieve a simpler design, such as B. Sliding shower screens without profiles.

Whether angular or frontal, they will always be practical. Always keep that in mind quality Bearing and counter balance when choosing. This detail affects the lifespan of the sliding screen.

His hermetic charactercompletely prevents leakage and splashing. In addition, it keeps the temperature inside much better than solid partitions, which makes it the best ideal option in cold houses or in an unheated environment.

On the other hand, ordering a screen with some type of screen printing offers a higher grade privacy in the bathroom. This detail is very common in families or at home when several people live together.

In contrast to fixed screens, sliding screens exist next to obstacles in the vicinity of showers, e.g. B. Sink. Hence there is more versatile. That’s not to say that fixed screens won’t fit in small spaces, it’s just one of the factors to consider when choosing.

Our recommendations

With all of this, the main thing that you take care of cover all your needs and prioritize your and your family’s comfort. You will never regret renovating a large bathroom to make it more affordable and functional. To make your choice easier, here are some models from our catalog that you can find online:

Fixed screen Arrecife Duo

This solid plate, two meters high and eight millimeters thick, has a shiny surface on anodized aluminum profiles. The sleek design line includes bathrooms in different styles.

Slide screen Pisa black

It consists of a fixed front panel and a movable front panel. The black profiles fit perfectly in bathrooms that are looking for sophistication and elegance.

Nilo semicircular sliding screen

It is characterized by an adjustable profile with the option of opaque glass. The semicircular design consists of two fixed doors and two sliding doors. Make the most of every corner of your bathroom.

Rectangular partition of the Seine

This corner display has two fixed panels and a sliding door. Design of the house with modern and trendy bathrooms.

Mampara Fija Screen Black Chess

This reversible sieve contains an anti-limescale treatment with aluminum details. Its revolutionary and unusual design is made for bathrooms that want to make a difference.

As you have seen, we have recommended different types of partitions to give you a comprehensive overview of all of its features. Now you have to choose the one that best suits your needs!