File provider: what you need

We told you about the need a few months ago Client file in which Write down any information that you think is important when it comes to maintaining contact and contact with a specific person. In this document, we have recommended that you write all of these Data that may be of interest in memorizing personal characteristics and the terms of any customers you speak to regularly.

But it’s also important to make one Supplier file who you work with. In this case you are not interested in the personal data of the provider itself, but for example direct contact details of the person that you would normally contact to facilitate the purchase of the materials you need.

Just as you have a mindset in your personal life where you can call friends or family about their work hours, it’s good that you do the same with vendors you work with frequently.

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For this reason, we recommend that you prepare on your work computer a sign similar to this one This makes contact with your suppliers much easier.

Card provider

Company Name Company Name CIF Description of Activity Address Telephone Contact Person Delivered Products Website Email Delivery Days Delivery Days Delivery Time Payment Phone Payment Method Comments

That is the suggestion that we leave to you. All you have to do is copy and paste it into a document Word or Excel. You can add other data or delete data that you think is not important to your relationship with the supplier that you own.

We always recommend that you store this information in the cloud so that you don’t lose all of this data and can easily get it back if at any point something happens to your computer or you accidentally delete the document.

And since these are suppliers, it might be interesting to use this list to create a second column and create your own. Supplier evaluationSometimes with the daily rush and the implementation of all projects, we skip the study of whether the vendors we work with provide the best service or if you can work with others to improve it. What can you add to this new form? Answer questions like « Can you give me the best quality? » «  »,, ,,. « Will I get the order on time? » «  »,, ,,. « How have the prices changed since working with him? » « .

By answering these questions, you can draw different conclusions as to whether you are currently working with the best supplier or whether it is worth switching to yours.

It doesn’t take long to produce such a document, but it can still be useful if you find that the vendors you work with are more expensive than you might think, or that your loyalty to purchasing materials is failing. Not her. economically.