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STIMAT is constantly improving (and growing every day) to become a benchmark training program professional budgets for your customers.

The latest enhancement we’ve added to the software is the ability to download the budget in Excel. In other words, you prepare it with the help of in STIMAT all tools and the features that the program has when setting budgets. Then upload it to Excel to send to the client and only show the information you want (remember, you can do this with STIMAT in Display option).


In a video you will learn what the Excel generated by STIMAT looks like and how you can use it:


You previously asked us about this feature for several reasons:

  • To be able to manage plus flexible Cost calculation.
  • The ability to send parts of the forecasts to professionals who do not want to use STIMAT (is that possible? (), Or if you want to send them a budget with prices: you already know that we have the option to send items to subcontractors You have to register with STIMAT but you don’t have to pay anything. You get an empty budget, ie no price. However, some of you want to pass it on to them. Price so that they respect them.
  • Have another backup (in addition to PDF) in the budget of your computer: STIMAT has backups on several physical and virtual servers. You can be sure that your data will not be lost. However, if you’d rather be sure, you can justify your budget. In the desired format PDF or Excel.



  • Yes, you can design the budget on paper any way you want: if you want to include your header, certain fields, you can do it this way and copy the rest of the budget. Not optimal, of course, because you have duplication of work, but if you need it on time due to the specificity of the budget, this is the way to do it.
  • For users who are afraid to do direct transition from Excel to STIMAT: You can use the generator and export from there to Excel. You will lose all automatic features, but if you get dizzy with a new program this can be an option.


And if you’re already registered, give it a try do a free evaluation.