Everything you need to know before embarking on major reform

Enter completely in Integral reform It’s a real mess. Not only when the house is « stuck » with professionals who come and go, materials that are kept in every room, dust and dirt … but also for everything related to its preparation. Take stock of what you want to change, determine a Budget maximum, interview and compare some experts, Select materials, the furniture … There are so many things that sometimes it is not possible to see the end of these works.


Complete reform of the Altia Group

  • No improvisation
  • Check the measurements
  • Clean up
  • Permits and Licenses
  • Hidden topics
  • compare offers
  • legality
  • Written
  • Advance payment?
  • There is a lot Things to consider before embarking on major reformWe therefore give you some tips that you need to assess if you come across a job with these characteristics. We have begun.

    Improvisation is not a good advisor

    Advice on comprehensive reforms. Photo: Altia Group

    therefore planning It’s fundamental. This will help you not to make unnecessary reforms and most importantly, not to spend more than you really need. Think carefully about a reform and how to take advantage of it. It occurred to us that if you want to change the kitchen furniture, take the opportunity to raise the floor and change the pipes (if they are several years old).

    Check the measurements

    You shouldn’t doubt the professionalism of the people you hire. However, we recommend that you be present during the measurements in case you need to give them the necessary instructions in case the distribution of the structure of the house changes. tear down the walls

    Clean up

    Tip: keep it clear

    Here closely related to the first point, we recommend this here prioritize and be realistic. You may like the perfect living room furniture, but do you need it? Are you going to benefit from this additional service it provides? Does it steal a lot of space? You have to forgive. The practicality is much more useful than the beauty of the object. And over the years, you will appreciate it.

    Permits and Licenses

    A Integral reform This requires many procedures, including permits and licenses. In this case, it is best to consult your local town hall for advice on permits. Here are a few tips, but it is best to let you know in person. In theory, the professionals you hire know what you need for the reform. You can ask them for advice, but just to be on the safe side, ask the town hall.

    If it’s a minor bathroom, kitchen, or finish-style renovation, you might not need a permit. If you want Change the layout of the house (see price) or do it renovates the facade If this has an impact on the structure, you must notify the city council. In the latter case, an architect must also be contacted so that he can ensure that the work does not alter the pillars of the house.

    Be prepared for hidden problems

    You can make the reform very detailed and planned, but sometimes Problems you did not appear. They are usually found in electrical and plumbing installations. These are the installations that will be updated at least due to anything that requires the replacement of pipes and cables. Hence, they can sometimes lead to unexpected problems. It shouldn’t bother us Integral reformbut will likely delay the deadline.

    compare offers

    Compare budgets and stick with the one that suits you best

    compare offers This is not a recommendation, it is a commitment. You cannot meet the budget offered by your trusted professional. The work you did for your cousin, brother, or friend might have been perfect, but there are many options. The advantage of so many offers is that you can compare and choose, benefit!

    It can also happen that you do not know a specialist in your area, so we will help you. Present the reform plan and request a budget Professionals in your province.


    Payment of taxes is a guarantee

    Among the many budgets you might consider, you may find many notable differences between the two. This can activate all alarms. It is clear that every professional will give you a price that varies depending on the profit margin you accept. However, if you have a budget that lags behind the rest, it may not be entirely legal.

    To avoid this, make sure the company you finally meet has NIF, liability insurance, with a bank account to which payments can be made … This way you forget about unnecessary safety concerns for workers in the event of an accident or fraud.

    Exactly to avoid the latter there is EVALUATION of the payment, the tool that allows you to deposit all budgeted funds into a secure account from which they will be released while approving the certificates sent by the professional.

    Get it in writing

    Let your reform be in writing. Photo: valence regulation

    That this will not be accepted by the dealer as a mistrust on your part, but as a guarantee for both him and you against possible future legal disputes. What should be written? The contract under which final budget, deadlines for carrying out the work, description of the work to be carried out, etc.

    Advance payment?

    How to Pay for Work. Photo: Coalco

    It will depend on the person skilled in the art and how he works. However, when I ask you Never give more than 30% or 40% of total household expenses. The logical thing is that the professional graduate will send you certificates and, after you give them to you, will pay him the part he wants for the job well done. Though tempting Pay all jobs with VATis the security and guarantee that if something happens, You can file complaints and claims.

    Keep these tips in mind Integral reform It won’t turn into a headache. Do you doubt whether to do it or not? You can start with Appreciate the price Who would have the jobs or would request a quote from professionals in your area.


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