Everything you need to know about bathroom renovation budget

The bathroom is a room used every day, which, like the kitchen, has become one of the rooms Rooms that have evolved the most in recent years in terms of style, functionality and decoration. When we think of change, that’s the first thing that comes to mind how much will it cost us The budget to reform a bathroom can vary according to various factors.

In this post, we not only give you a concrete example of how much it would cost to implement this reform, but also talk about all the determining factors for its calculation.


To give you an idea, we leave you Summary table with approximate prices a complete reform of the bathroom and the various elements that can accompany it:

bathroom measurements
Price for a complete bathroom renovation

2.00 x 1.75m
3 900 euros

2.00 x 2.00m
4600 euros

1.50 x 1.50m
3 600 euros

plumbing and furniture

  • Installation of the screen: 230 euros
  • Installation of a toilet: 160 euros
  • Built-in washbasin: 120 €
  • repair facilities
  • Fountain: 360 euros
  • Electricity: 320 euros
  • Sanitary: 260 euros

floor and wall tiles

  • Tile: 200 euros
  • Tiles: 700 euros
  • Installation of false ceiling: €150
  • Treatment: 550 euros

demolitions and others:

  • Installation of shower faucets: €125
  • Painting: 125 €
  • Furniture assembly: 350 parts
  • Break a false ceiling: 20 euros
  • Scrape the floor: 75 euros
  • Tile cutting: 170 euros

What makes the bathroom renovation budget go up or down?

1) Materials

The type of material used in bathroom reform is one of the first Key factors to increase or decrease the price. It’s important that no expense is spared on these stays (remember, cheap is always expensive) and that Look for durable materials that stand up well to moisture.

We show you some of the most commonly used materials and some of their most important properties:

natural stone

This product is one of them expensive even if it’s true that his The processing is difficult to compare with reference to aesthetic and functional level, because it is one of the most resistant and durable. There are many options for natural stone, but the favorite is marble.


It is for the most commonly used floor covering todaybecause thanks to its diverse designs and sizes, it adapts to almost any room.


This modern coating prevails today. Consists Cement mixed with polymers, fibres, aggregates and color pigments. The main advantages include high resistance to moisture and does not require removal of the previous coating.

While not the cheapest material, its durability and strength make it the cheapest option in the long run.

Hydraulic Mosaic

It is a type of tile made of cement, pigment and marble consolidated by a hydraulic dam. There is large selection of colors and designs.


They can be used both on walls and ceilings, there are many moisture resistant and easy to cleanbecause they don’t degrade over time.

2) The size of the bathroom

There’s another factor relation to the price. As we showed you in the previous table, A 2 x 2 bathroom remodel is not the same as a 1.5 x 1.5how size difference This causes them not to have the same elements.

A brutal bathroom with a concrete wall

Through our portal you can Calculate your bathroom renovation for free with your custom measurements.


Renovation of the sanitary facilities yes or no?

It is always advisable when we devote ourselves fully to bathroom renovation, Let’s check the condition of the plumbing or electrical installation.

Since it’s usually fully tiled and anchored furniture, if you have to redo the installations 2-3 years later just because you want to save money now, you’ll have to start over. If you want to reform it, it’s a good idea to modernize it and adapt the facilities to more modern materials if you don’t already have them.

Choose your bathroom style

Of course, we must not forget that when choosing materials, furniture and colors, you must have a well-defined bathroom style that you want to achieve. That’s why we chose 3 Styles that are in the bathroom trends in 2022:

Vintage and timeless bathroom

That Tile layout and selection are critical to give him that style the combination of metro style and hexagon, which you can give an industrial style if you decide to put the joints in black. Even if we like the spacers black faucets, we will have this dream bathroom.

Country style bathroom

Don’t think of those urban bathrooms with ceramics and borders, the rustic style goes even further in search of simplicity. The best option to achieve this is to use Microcement on the floor and walls and that you choose bathroom furniture and countertop washbasins. The finishing touch and therefore the rustic and distinctive touch give the bathroom the accessories you choose, such as wicker or rattan baskets.

Modern and elegant bathroom

For anyone who wants it in their bathroom feeling of luxury and comfort, ready one Marble is the best optionThe bigger the better because when you place them you won’t be overwhelmed because you need less.

wood for furniture and fixture colors such as gold, copper or black They will make you want to get this design.

What permits are required for bathroom renovations?

Everything will depend on it Type of reform to be implemented. When it comes to building a new bathroom Change or modify items structurally you need a basic work permit.

But if, on the contrary, it’s just Part work in which only the current elements are changed For a design update, a notification at work is sufficient, or a A small work permit.

Both licenses must be present apply to City Hall where the repair takes place.

How long does a complete bathroom renovation take?

good than normal usually no longer than 3 weeksthe period in which the reform is carried out may vary depending on the factors mentioned above, including the size of the bathroom and the scope of the project.

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