Everything for floating floors

Driftwood parquet is the fastest way to change the soil in the environment. When we make an effort to renovate the space in our home, the floor is one of the most difficult areas to restore. Often times we find that it is scratched, discolored or stained that cannot be removed no matter how many times we use a buffing machine and apply many treatments to it.

Because of this, if a change is inevitable, we can consider different options for the types of floors to be placed in this room. One of the most chosen for this work is the laminate floor.

What is the name of the floor covering?

Flooring is a type of flooring that can be applied to any type of substrate. We can place it on the existing floor without having to remove it. The only condition is that it be completely smooth and durable.

Laminate floors are installed by assembling each plank together without the need to nail it or glue it to the base. Each plate is typically 8 to 15 mm thick. In addition, this type of coating has a solution if the previous floor has small irregularities. That consists of putting a layer of polypropylene underneath. This avoids annoying noises when walking and the risk of deformation of the boards.

There are currently three types of laminate flooring. One of them is built with wider wooden boards. Another for the narrower wooden slats and the park type that can be found in the form of tiles or squares to make the floor look more symmetrical.

All three types of coatings have the same properties, but their design has been changed to provide more variety and ease of use.

Each card consists of four levels. Excellent, composed of resins that give abrasion resistance. There is a decorative sheet underneath that shows the design.

The substrate is located under these two layers. Here is the real reinforcement of the board. It is usually made of chipboard, MDF or HDF with an anti-wet treatment.

The bottom layer of them all has a stabilizing film that gives the floor support and stability. Some models contain enhancements that include acoustic properties.

Advantages and disadvantages of floating floors

This type of coverage gives us many advantages. At the same time, this coating has some disadvantages. What you should know before making a major change in our home.

Contact a professional floor installer to see if it is possible to install this type of siding in your home.

Advantages of floating floors

Ecological material

Planks with this type of coating have a natural wood panel, but much less than traditional parquet. Therefore, it is more environmentally friendly than its version of solid wood parquet. Depending on the model chosen, the entire floor can be polished and laminated up to five times.

Thermal and acoustic

Depending on the models selected, installing floating floors will allow us to save energy and live more comfortably.

Quick and easy installation

One of the main advantages of this type of flooring is that it is quick and easy to install. Because the plates are polished and processed at the factory. All you have to do is lay the boards on the floor, put them together, and in a few hours the job will be done and ready to go.

Easy to clean

We can also clean them very easily, even in most cases all we have to do is use a damp cloth and we will remove the stains easily.

Increase the value of the house

Investing in installing a floating floor will cause the price of the house to go up significantly if you want to sell it.

Robust and durable flooring

There are different types of boards with different resistance and duration. However, when traffic is light, the soil generally lasts for many years.

Disadvantages of flooring

Do not put in the bathroom

The use of this type of coating in bathrooms is not recommended due to the amount of water flowing on the floor. Because of this, there may be little water infiltration under the floorboards, which can affect the properties of the floating floor.

The ground floor must be level

If the floor is not perfectly flat, this type of floor will not be possible. To solve this problem, an additional base is usually used to hold the boards.

Noise when walking on it

Improper placement of these wooden floating floors or a foundation that is not properly aligned can cause annoying noises when stepped on. To remedy these errors, the carpets are placed in the most passable places.

To reduce the noise that makes walking on the planks, a cork cover about an inch long is put in place before the planks are laid. This means additional costs.

For this reason, we encourage you to seek advice Reference price Working hours for floating floors installers.

If we know these advantages and disadvantages of laying laminate flooring, we will know what quality to acquire and in what environment to place.

Because of this, if a change is inevitable, we can consider different options for the types of floors to be placed in this room. Floating wood floors are among the most chosen.