Everything about the bioclimatic pergola

Originally created for the cultivation of climbing plants, over time the pergola has become a naturally air-conditioned space that protects against the sun’s rays during the day and lets the gentle summer breeze caress your evenings under the stars.

This is the bioclimatic pergola, a modern version to be discovered.

The bioclimatic pergola?

Originally the pergola was built to help climbing plants grow. As for the model bioclimatic, C ‘is a Outdoor living space, halfway between the porch and the awning terrace. A wood, aluminum or steel structure with a roof made of adjustable slats according to from the sun.

Its advantages

  • Create additional living space outside your house, a room protected from rain and wind: the slats close as soon as they detect rain and cope with strong winds.
  • Use the natural resources of the climate (light and heat) optimally
  • Make use of daylight and save energy (air conditioning, heating) when your house is connected to the bioclimatic pergola
  • Collect rainwater, thanks to the gutters placed in the gutters
  • Give your home an aesthetic touch.
  • Save money: the bioclimatic pergola costs less than a veranda.

Bioclimatic: a 4-season pergola

With the bioclimatic model, you no longer have to dismantle and reassemble your pergola according to the seasons. Enjoy it all year round. In summer it protects you from the sun’s rays and freshen the air in this outdoor living space.

And for the rest of the year, it will protect your garden furniture and allow you to enjoy nature protected from the elements.You just have to align the slats of your bioclimatic pergola according to the days and your wishes.

Son installation

Regardless of whether your bioclimatic pergola is a standard or a special model, it is easy to install.

Choose the location by thinking about the desired use, exposure, direction of prevailing rain and winds, and the path of shade.

Then think about the orientation of the roof louvers. To make the most of daylight, choose an orientation perpendicular to your home. However, if the aesthetic side seems important to you, choose the orientation parallel to your facade instead.

One last point, the attachment of the bioclimatic pergola:

  • it is fastened against the house. In this case :
    • the fulcrum must be a facade in good condition
    • the floor must be prepared to support a weight of approx. 500 kg
  • it is based on:
    • a bar on your facade
    • the structure of the house.

Question price

A bioclimatic pergola sells on average between 500 and 1000 euros per square meter (installation included). The price varies depending on the quality of the materials, the size of the pergola, the design, without forgetting the options and the additional accessories (blinds, glass walls, screens, door (s), lighting, heating, fireplace, smoke machine, built-in speakers …) .