Price of a stairlift

Sometimes our accommodations are no longer suited to our way of life. Whether it is our age or a change in our lives, our homes are not as comfortable as they used to be.

Sometimes our accommodations are no longer suited to our way of life. Whether it is our age or a change in our lives, our homes are not as comfortable as they used to be.

This is especially often the case when we live in a house with one or more floors and as we age. Space and floors, which were before luxury and comfort, become an obstacle to enjoying our home.

Fortunately, there are solutions that will allow you to reclaim the use of this space, taking into account your movement difficulties. Among them is the stairlift. This device aims to help people with reduced mobility to access the upper floors of a house.

So let’s take a look at the different models, the necessary criteria to select your stairlift and, above all, the prices and cost of installing these devices.

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What is a stairlift?

The stairlift, or person lift, is a household installation that allows easy access to the floor of your house.

This device comes in the form of a seat or an armchair attached to the stairs that allows you to go up and down the stairs without any effort. The chair is installed on a rail which is itself attached to the stairs. This installation is then connected to a motor the purpose of which is to raise or lower the seat on simple command.

The main objective of this type of installation is to greatly improve the comfort of people with reduced mobility by allowing them to move around their home according to their needs and desires. It is therefore recommended for seniors and people with reduced mobility who would like to improve their internal mobility and avoid a possible move.

The main advantage of stairlifts is their compatibility with all types of stairs and the guarantee of safety that they will give you. Indeed, they are generally equipped with a seat belt allowing the user not to fall out of the seat when it is in motion.

The main advantage of stairlifts is their compatibility with all types of stairs and the guarantee of safety that they will give you. Indeed, they are generally equipped with a seat belt allowing the user not to fall from the seat when the latter is in motion.

There are several models of stairlifts, of different sizes and sound levels. In order to choose the model that is best for you, it is therefore important to think about your needs. Consider in particular your possibility of movement and the structure of your staircase.

How to choose a stairlift?

Since there are different types of stairlifts, or lift chairs, and their price varies from model to model, it is important to consider the structure of your staircase before making your choice. So think about the following questions:

  • Will the installation be done on an internal or external staircase?
  • Is the staircase straight or curved?
  • What is the slope of the stairs?
  • How many bends does the staircase have?
  • Does the staircase consist of an intermediate landing?
  • What are the dimensions of the staircase (both in length and in width)?

The answers to all these questions will allow you to refine your selection. You will then be able to discern, among the different prices, the models that correspond to your budget.

As you can see, the questions mainly revolve around the layout of your staircase. Indeed, this one will have to allow the installation of the rails and the motorized system while being wide enough so that the chair can go up and down the steps. For example, in a staircase that is too narrow, it will be impossible for you to set up a lift chair. In general, the minimum width is between 60cm and 70cm depending on the model.

Budget to plan according to the type of staircase

Depending on your staircase, you can get a first idea of ​​the price of the stairlift to install.

Pour un escalier tournant, vous aurez besoin d'un monte-escalier adapté.

For a straight staircase

They are the easiest pieces of equipment to install, so they are also the least expensive . Depending on the type of stairlift, you will need to count between € 2,500 and € 5,000 .

For a spiral staircase

Very often, our staircase is not straight, but consists of a bend in order to save space and better serve the upper spaces. It is therefore necessary to use a revolving stairlift.

This equipment is specially designed to follow the change in orientation of a staircase. The rail system is different, and some parts of the chair are also specially designed to negotiate turns safely .

For this type of installation, you will need to count between € 4,000 and € 10,000 .

For an exterior staircase

Sometimes the staircase that we have to climb is located outside and represents the main access to our accommodation. In this case, it will be necessary to install a special stairlift for the exterior. These have materials resistant to water, sun, frost and high winds .

The price of an outdoor stairlift is slightly higher than that of an indoor stairlift. It will take between 4,000 € and 12,000 € .

Other factors influencing the final cost

Besides the type of staircase, there are other factors to consider in your budget. So you will also need to think about the brand, options, installation and model of stairlift.

The brand

As with any device, the choice of brand of your chair will influence the price. Obviously, choosing a reputable brand of stair chair brings a guarantee of quality, but it will also increase the price of it.

The options

When installing a stairlift, you can choose different options, such as a sliding rail, a comfort seat or a specific coating . All of these little details will have a direct bearing on the final cost of your chair.

The pose

This must be carried out by a professional in order to comply with installation standards and guarantee the safe use of your device. You will therefore have to take it into account in your overall budget.

Le modèle de monte-escalier avec fauteuil est plus cher.Models of stair lifts

You have two options.

On the one hand, you can opt for lifting platform that allows you to raise a wheelchair. In this case, the budget to be expected is between € 4,000 and € 20,000 depending on the accessories and the brand.

On the other hand, you can choose a model with an armchair to sit on. You will then need to plan for a higher budget. Indeed, the price of this type of installation starts at 9,000 € .

The installation and cost of installing a stairlift

For this operation, you must call in a qualified professional. Indeed, it requires experience, meticulous work and compliance with certain safety standards.

First of all, the craftsman in charge of the installation will have to analyze the staircase concerned and assess the person (s) who will use it. Indeed, we are all different and, in order to ensure maximum comfort of use, the wheelchair should correspond as best as possible to the recurrent user of the wheelchair.

Then, the professional in charge of the work will install the rail and the chair along the stairs. This operation can be more or less complex and long depending on the layout of your staircase. For example, if the staircase has a width of less than 60cm, it will have to be widened in order to have the minimum mandatory width.

Finally, he will have to install the electric battery that will power your stairlift, as well as all its accessories. The battery will always guarantee the user the possibility of moving around, even in the event of a power cut.

In general, when buying a stairlift, professionals in the sector also offer packages including the price of the stairlift and the price of installation. Nevertheless, we can estimate that, depending on the difficulty of the installation, the cost of the installation will be between € 1,000 and € 3,000 .

Additional costs to be expected

As you can see, giving a precise price for a stair lift chair is not easy. The best thing to do to know it in more detail is to find out from the professionals in the sector. We recommend that you request and compare at least three quotes in order to get an overview of the budget you will need to install this type of device.

When you ask for a quote, it will be very important to show the device and the cost of installation. But it is also important to include other points that can have a strong impact on your budget in the medium term.

Thus, for this type of installation, it is recommended to request a reimbursement guarantee in the event of non-satisfaction.

It is also strongly suggested to request information on a maintenance and service contract for your device . This after-sales service will be very useful to ensure the durability of your device and your installation. In general, these clauses provide for one visit per year to have the stairlift checked by a professional technician. Among other things, he will check the proper functioning of the stairlift, he will check the installation and fixings and he will lubricate the rails.

If you decide not to include it at the time of purchase, these are fees that might surprise you later when you need to ensure your device is serviced.

Home care: the key to the next decade

It’s no secret that the world’s population is aging. One of the major challenges for the government for the next few years will be to keep seniors as long as possible in their homes, while ensuring their safety. The stairlift can be one of the tools of this maintenance, but it is unfortunately not within the reach of all budgets. The simplest and cheapest solution today is remote assistance. If you have no idea how it works, and want to know more about remote assistance services, it is best to rely on one of the pioneers in this sector: This company will of course allow you to choose between simple assistance or fall detection. But where it stands out is through the scope of its device. The trigger can be done more than 100 meters from the base, when most of the other offers only allow a distance of 30 m. The person will therefore be safe, even if they go into their garden or if they are upstairs (two particularly accident-prone areas in a house).