Efficient PVC window: IGLO ENERGY

What is the recommended temperature for the house? The optimum would be around 21 degrees. But how do you get it? ideal temperature hot summer days or cold winter months?

The key is good isolation on the building. The first step towards the ideal room temperature in the house is the construction of quality joinery. Research has shown that between 25% and 50% of energy loss through windows is the main cause of heat loss in winter. This means that just by replacing the windows in your home, you can lower your heating bills. Better still, you don’t even have to install an internal heating system! It is also not necessary to use the air conditioner continuously in summer.

Energy efficient window

These ideal conditions can be guaranteed through innovation and warranty low consumption Drutex IGLO ENERGY window. This original product from the largest European manufacturer of PVC windows It is the result of intensive research and in-depth market analysis by the company’s research and development department. The expectations of customers around the world have also been carefully analyzed. Accordingly the window NEEDLE ENERGY It is without a doubt a leader in energy efficiency, which makes it ideal for any building, including passive houses.

The originality of the windows NEEDLE ENERGY It is mainly based on the innovative sealing system. In addition to the inner and outer seal, the system is equipped with a central EPDM foam seal. It is the world’s first solution of its kind that guarantees unprecedented energy efficiency parameters. Drutex also uses fiberglass insulation to minimize thermal bridges. The window too NEEDLE ENERGY offers a perfect level of Thermal insulation Thanks to the optimal 7-chamber profile with a depth of 82 mm and the modern quadruple glazing, which is filled with krypton gas. The thermal properties are significantly improved. The window has a thermal transmittance of 0.6 W / (m2K), which is more than twice as good as normal. In addition, the thermal permeability of the film is only 0.9 W / (m2K). It is also important that the profile is created by Primary material. The lack of recycling in the process allows the end product to keep the best parameters and quality.

Quality PVC windows

IGLO ENERGY is also a revolution in the parameters of Air resistance,, ,,. seal and permeability in the air. In terms of airtightness, the most difficult category, the window gave a result of 1,500 Pascals. This means exceptional airtightness in all weather conditions, including heavy rain. It should be emphasized that tightness as a parameter is one of the greatest challenges for manufacturers, which determines the true quality of joinery.
This significant improvement in the qualities of NEEDLE ENERGY This was made possible by tests in Drutex’s own laboratory with the KS Schulten machine, one of the largest window test machines. This enabled the company to determine exactly what impact extreme weather conditions could have on its products. The revolutionary parameters in terms of wind resistance, waterproofness and air permeability have been confirmed.

This is the definitive proof that the IGLO ENERGY window offers exceptional temperature, comfort and living conditions in all situations.

Certified windows

How do we know the window we are going to buy is there? low consumption? Before buying, it is important to ask the seller about the results of examinations, certificates, attestations and technical test documents to confirm the parameters indicated by the manufacturer. The manufacturer’s reliability and experience should also be checked as these factors affect the quality of the product.

At Veneo we have all kinds of Drutex products the necessary documents. These documents can be consulted by customers on our website. Also, the price of the window is very affordable in terms of qualityYou can check this with our configurator. This solution makes it possible, in just 6 steps, to calculate the price of the window of your choice with the desired parameters such as the type of opening, size, type of glazing and color.