Effective patio sealing systems

In order to achieve effective waterproofing of terraces, it is necessary to look for the right material on the surface to which it is applied and the purpose for which it is intended. That’s why we invite you to discover the different options available to you today to repair water leaks.

How do you fix a leak on a patio?

Various situations can cause a leak which, if not treated in time, can damage the structure of the house.

The most common cause is a bad sewer seal due to a tear in or around the drain hose. If the waterproofing layer has deteriorated, only this area needs to be resealed.

If the drain hose is broken, it should be replaced with another one and then the area waterproofed.

Another cause of leaks can be the joints if the terrace is tiled. When laid correctly, tiles serve as the first layer of waterproofing. Direct the water down the drain.

However, if the joints are already damaged due to the expansion of the material, they can lead to leaks. A broken tile can also have the same effect.

These two reasons are the most common, if the reason is not found, it is better to impregnate the entire terrace.

You can view one a trusted professional to help you find the cause of the leak and the best solution.

Sealing of accessible terraces

There are different decking waterproofing systems, some more effective than others, depending on budget and technical requirements. With walkable terraces. This is the term for this daily traffic, where children often play.

To protect the waterproofing system, it is protected by tiles or plaster.

vent type

They are flexible waterproof fabrics that can be placed on any surface. Also on parquet or tiles, eliminating the step of lifting the floor before laying the waterproofing. Which can result in labor savings.

It is available in a roll and is applied with cement paste and a special adhesive between the strips. Some are also available Special parts to reinforce the seal in difficult areas.

Below are corners or drains. After drying, the selected soil is placed on top for protection. Its lifespan is about 10 years.

liquid membranes

One of the most common options for sealing flat surfaces is to attach the liquid membrane. It’s a cheaper solution than sheets. Installation is slightly slower and takes fewer years than panels. However, you can apply it to the existing floor and put a covering on it, e.g. B. tiles, concrete or artificial turf.

In the next article we will tell you more about it Use of liquid membranes as a sealing system.

Waterproofing of impassable terraces

Access to these terraces is very rare, as is maintenance of the air conditioning. Remember that each product can have an additional component, e.g. B. thermal insulation.

membrane fluid

The final appearance is not usually a priority, so only a liquid membrane is applied and no material is covered over it.

The most common liquid membrane is water based, but it is also available in epoxy or polyurethane. Other products have fibers inside, while others only contain mesh. The higher the quality of the product, the higher the price, so you can choose according to your budget.

clear gum

One of the most common materials used to waterproof a deck is clear rubber. When used on the terrace, its appearance is reflected. Because although this product is transparent, it is never 100% hidden because it has reflections.

It is therefore recommended Apply an aesthetic coating and protect it from trafficWhere. If there is a lot of traffic, this product is not suitable as a waterproofing agent.

Clear gum should be placed on a dry surface, otherwise it will blister as it dries. To get a good result, it must be carefully applied to the edges of the drains, the corners and the joints where the expansion can be created.

For correct use, the manufacturer’s recommendations should be taken into account. Its term is 5 to 10 years.

Remember that, in addition to the material, the waterproofing of the terraces must also be entrusted to a professional so that the result really meets your expectations. here you can see reference price.

Recommendations before waterproofing terraces

Before placing the product, you need to prepare the surface on which it will be applied. The first step is a thorough cleaning. The second is used to replace broken tiles, fill joints and seal leaks.

To understand the effectiveness of the product, you need to read the manufacturer’s recommendations. Usually five thin coats are applied

It’s a big trend green terraces. In the following article we will tell you how to build it and its main components.