Diagnosis of gas and electricity properties in Bordeaux

Who doesn’t dream of living in a healthy and safe home? The gas and electricity real estate diagnosis in particular offers you a high degree of security and optimal comfort. They certify that the systems comply with the applicable legal provisions. The first real estate diagnostics regulation dates back to 1996. Regardless of whether it is a rental or a real estate sale, the diagnostics of gas and electric properties are still mandatory. Enlarge the subject.

Who can carry out a gas and electricity diagnosis in Bordeaux?

Only certified professionals like Allodiagnostic have the necessary permissions to perform a Gas and electricity diagnostics in Bordeaux or in other cities in France. In fact, the Ministry of Ecology must certify the diagnostician. In addition, today there is a directory with a list of all certified real estate diagnosticians. This simplifies your search.

At the end of the diagnosis, the service provider creates a report that is part of the technical diagnosis file or DDT. The future occupant of the accommodation, whether renter or buyer, will then have access to this document.

If the gas and electricity diagnostics reveal one or more anomalies, it is the owner’s responsibility to make the necessary repairs prior to any rental or sale. this makes possibleHave a normal house, in addition to increasing the value of the property. So if you live in the Gironde, the diagnosticians can accompany you in making all the diagnostics for a sale or rental.

What does the gas and electricity diagnosis include?

The electrical diagnosis consists of Check the conformity of all electrical installations in the house. In particular, the real estate diagnostician takes over the control of the protection device and the general control device. He also checks that the high-sensitivity differential, circuit breaker, switchboard, meter, and outlets are working properly.

In terms of gas diagnostics, it allows checking the health of heating and water heating devices. This also includes checking the room layout in which the gas appliances are located. Is the circuit well sealed? Are all gas related materials reliable? Those are all answers that the real estate diagnostician needs to answer.

Why do a Gas and Electricity Diagnosis?

First of all, gas and electricity diagnosis is a legal obligation, especially when selling or renting real estate. The future tenant or the future buyer of the accommodation has the full right to itRequest the property’s gas and electricity diagnostic report questionable.

In Bordeaux, as in the rest of France, the gas and electricity diagnosis also makes it possible to identify the nature and extent of the renovation work to be carried out. In fact, this type of diagnosis is aimed primarily at houses older than 15 years. After this period, it is important to check whether the installations still meet the standards.

note that The certificate issued by the real estate diagnostician is valid for 3 years. After this time, the owner will have to repeat the diagnosis. Termite diagnostics, asbestos diagnostics and ERP diagnostics (hazard and pollution status) expand the list of mandatory real estate diagnostics.

You can entrust them to one and the same authorized professional.