Descale your home in 5 easy steps

Lime can be one of the biggest enemies of our plumbing. We have already mentioned in previous posts by. spoken how it can affect water hardnessDepending on where you live, add more lime to your plant and gradually damage it. Today we’re going to tell you how we can do that Clean our home in 5 easy steps.

With vinegar and baking powder

It’s one of the most natural remedies we need for descaling your home and it can help if the problem is not very advanced.

It will be necessary to pour it half a cup of baking soda when evacuating pipes believed to be clogged. Then we have to pour over the mountain of baking powder a cup of vinegar. You have to wait 20 minutes for the mixture to work and we finally pour in 3 liters of boiling water.

If the lime problem persists, it may already have built up in large quantities so we will have to use another more effective remedy.

Descaling with hydrochloric acid

We must be careful when decalcifying our home with this drug. It is a particularly poisonous and harmful acid. Therefore, it is advisable to use gloves, safety glasses and a mask to release them as little as possible. We need to be protected sometime Dissolve 1 part acid in 4 waterby pouring acid into the water and not the other way around. This mixture is a great tool for removing limescale buildup. So by pouring them into the pipe, you can remove limescale build-up.

Other descaling chemicals

There are countless chemicals on the market to remove limescale from our house pipes. Products created for penetrate lime, calcium and other mineral particles who are constantly stranded in our house.

Again, the first advice before use is to protect yourself from possible splashes of the product in the eyes, hands and airways. To use them, follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Prevent it from hardening with a magnetic descaler

Magnetic plasticizers work on a very simple physical principle. Attaching a magnet around the pipe can prevent limescale build-up on the walls to avoid the problem before it occurs.
There are several types of magnetic plasticizers. Some of them are used to protect the concrete pipe or part of the house from limestone, while others have enough strength to remove limestone from the whole house by sticking them in the house’s water inlet.

Get a water softener

Water softeners can seem like an expensive solution. They have been a good long-term investment ever since protect and maintain the system at the same time Plumbing, boiler or boiler without the problem of scale, rust and corrosion.

An investment to consider if your location is causing your home to accumulate more lime than it needs.

Magnetic conductor for housing.

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