Create a sense of space in your home

Who doesn’t want more space in their home? However, space is what it is and the only option we have is to create a sense of space. Here are some tips to help you achieve this:

Make space in your home

5 tips to create a sense of space in your home

  • with your furniture

  • use light and low furniture, because they reflect the light, especially if they are white, and you have a greater distance between the furniture and the ceiling, giving a feeling of height.

    Also make your furniture functional with yoularger storage capacity. The fewer items you have on it the better as this leads to an ever greater sense of order and thus helps to free up space.

  • emphasis

  • one A well-lit ceiling is key to appearing taller. The feeling of floating makes it look bigger. Let’s see how to get it:

    • wall lights: This allows the light to be aimed directly at the ceiling.
    • Indirect lighting: This lighting creates a comfortable, shadow-free environment by throwing light onto walls and ceilings with hidden LEDs in a false ceiling around the perimeter of the wall, spreading the light evenly.

    So if you’re looking for that sense of space, you should do it forget the pendant lightsbecause they lower the level of the lighting from the ceiling and make it appear lower. So if you want to place lamps instead of recessed spotlights, we advise you to do so are as close to the ceiling as possible.

  • decor

  • Although our brain is used to standard heights for pictures, mirrors or curtains when we change the chip and We hang them a little closer to the ceiling, we achieve the effect of high ceilings.

    Use a minimalist decoration with light colors on the walls and ceiling. Decorative items should be few Avoid overloading rooms– Use objects with straight lines to give the impression of larger spaces.

  • Floor to ceiling windows and doors

  • As far as decoration is concerned, we are used to standard dimensions for doors and windows. However, If we place these elements from floor to ceiling, We will be able to eliminate this already standardized perception by bringing more light into your home, in the case of windows and additional decorative element, at doors.

  • open spaces

  • This measure is the most drastic because it consists in: a a small reform in your housealthough it is more effective for create this feeling of space in your house.

    If we want to expand the house, the best thing is to remove the barriers that separate one room from the other. For example, ditch the wall that separates the kitchen from the living room, creating an open space with more light.

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