Corridors, boring or well used?


If you have one endless corridor where you don’t like to walk, here are some ideas for increasing your energy and making the most of space …

During my consultations I found many houses with long corridors, as these are areas that their residents in most cases do not like, according to feng shui, these spaces should be treated with special care, taking into account the position of the doors and the area in which they are located in the house. Don’t forget the corridors, learn to organize them. Will you carry out reforms at home? Make calculations online before contacting professionals.


Today I will give you some tips on how to improve, improve and even take advantage of it …

according to him room size, you can place some items, such as bookshelves, a shoe rack with a sofa and a rug, where you can change on the way home or create a small exhibit with photos of your best moments, such as this or travel, family photos , your own creations, etc.

More importantly, it is a bright, comfortable and beautiful place, all to ensure that energy stops as you rush through it and nourishes the entire space. Carpets are a good earth element to achieve this, lights (fire element) or any other object that stops without interfering will help us to this end.

You can also take advantage of storage space, which is always useful at home. Treat them and pay attention to them, they will become a beautiful place.

Placing a cheerful and colorful work of art at the end will make you feel as if you are shortening it, but never place a mirror in this position, as this will increase its size.


Remember that in Feng Shui we not only take into account the aesthetic aspect of the house, but also place objects, colors and furniture for the purpose of « balancing the spaces », so let our house be a fulcrum for achieving our goals.

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