Construction defects that require your home to be renovated

Our house does not always meet our tastes or needs 100%. How is it that you didn’t notice before? Don’t worry, it’s not a problem Many of these hidden flaws or flaws can be fixed by renovating your home and consult a professional to help you eliminate these design flaws. Let’s see which are the most common.


It is often better to reform the house before construction defects appear.

The kitchen is too small

Often times, you may think that if they are well organized, you will be able to manage these small portions, or that although they are small, you can manage them. But the reality is, it is only when you start using this part that you will find that it is really too small to be comfortable.

Don’t panic, it’s just about that one of the most common design flaws, especially since the kitchen is a room in which you need a lot of space to store utensils, pots, appliances … There are also many solutions and not as expensive as you can imagine; open the kitchen to the living roomFor example, it usually not only offers more space, but also more light. And besides, you can replace or afford this outdated coating Kitchen with island.

Incorrect placement of contacts and switches

Often times you find that you’ve just painted a wall that you need to cut or have to cut to run a number of cables in it Change the distribution or the number of sockets what’s in the room. Because there are never enough contacts in the room.

Sometimes you can find switches where they shouldn’t be … or not at all. Not to mention it Electrical installation It can be very old and it might be better to replace it because you found it What LED lighting can do for your energy efficiency. It is important to plan ahead and put yourself in the hands of professionals.


The renovation of your home brings sockets and switches wherever you want

Lack of natural light

At some point in your life, you have surely come across a house that looked like a cave. This error is especially common in large cities, where land prices are higher and the goal is to place more houses within meters. Facing a house with such a design is probably the best solution get rid of as many walls as possible (large rooms always gain light).

You can also choose Bright colors paint the walls or try one Mirror game that reflect the light throughout the house. Remember that natural light healthier and it affects yours mood.


It is not always possible to have all of the natural light you want

Bad insulation

The housing stock in our country is quite old, which increases the chances of buying a house for several years. And the old houses stand out poor thermal insulation quality; You can find simple glass in shattered windows, drawers with blinds, air leaks, etc.

In view of this, one has to think twice good insulation of your home in the foreground. Your wallet will thank you and help you save energy.


Poor insulation can be a good reason to renovate your home

No storage space

The house you just bought seems like the largest and most common in the world, but if you end up there with all of your possessions, chances are good in the end it’s a little bit. If this is the case for you, the best solution you can find is yes Find out where to get extra storage space.

a custom made furniture for a specific room in the house can be helpful, although perhaps the most common is to find a professional to help you with the installation poster in a corner of the room Don’t forget to combine it with the rest of the carpentry in the house!

Built-in wardrobes are a good solution to the lack of space