Comparison of the budget of STIMAT and other instruments

If you read us often, we always said it A good professional’s cover letter is the budget that it offers to its customers. Based on this role, the individual will mentally create a picture of you and the way you work. Budget, well presented and on time that will say a lot about you: it is you precise, neat and detailed in everything that appears in the budget and these adjectives can convey them in the impression you create in the way that they work.

For this reason, today we are going to compare how you can present it with a professional budgeting program and how you would do it with other programs that are not designed for this or are more complex to implement.


A study conducted by Plan Reforma for individuals can draw very clear conclusions: 80% of consumers prefer STIMAT offers where there was a discount, but also appeared as pictures of the material offered by the person.

Budgets with Excel

We have already made a comparison in which we spoke Difference in the presentation of budgets in Excel or STIMAT, the professional budget program that will help you create this document in less than a minute, Spend less time than usual and present much more elegant documents. Here’s an interesting comparison:

Budget in STIMAT Budget in Excel

As you can see, in the first case, images of the materials made available to the professional appear, each with a corresponding price, so that the customer can choose the one that interests him most. good for the quality, good for the price. In addition, the individual can see all information about the product in order to have all the necessary data.

Budgets with Quercusoft

Another tool to consider when creating repair budgets is Quercusoft. In fact, we already told you this in the post that we prepared a long time ago and in which we listed the best free evaluation programs. As mentioned in this article, some of the issues mentioned by users are that installation issues can occur. But we still feel like it’s not as intuitive or visual as STIMAT. What do you think?

How to create a budget STIMAT How to create a budget Quercusoft

Budgets with Word

One of the main difficulties with budgeting with Word is this It is very easy to lose data and delete a column and that the budget we invested so much time in is unnecessary. It is also much more aesthetically limited than the other specific programs it creates. Budgets for new construction or repairs partially or completely. Here you have a comparison between a budget created with STIMAT and a budget created with the Word tool.

Budget with STIMAT Budget with Word

Budgets with PRESTO

This is probably the budgeting program you have heard about the most when you want to pick one up. It’s a very complete toolbut a little more complicated to manage. Again, however, there is a lack of images that people greatly appreciate when comparing different documents with the cost of their reforms.

As you can see, the calculations made with STIMAT are much more visual when the prices are not only broken, but the customer can also see the pictures of the products, each marked with the appropriate price. Would you like to work with STIMAT?