Class RC2 Windows – under construction

According to the Interior Ministry, the number of break-ins in Spain in 2017 decreased significantly compared to the previous year. However, the amount of material goods that are set aside in our homes is still a problem. Last year overall 105,099 vols.

Thieves are most active, mostly in the summer when we are on vacation, and all year round Monday through Friday, the days we work or go shopping. The good news is that there are many ways to increase the security of your home. One of them is installing PVC class RC2 windows, an increasingly popular solution. RC2 is a term related to window stability. What does that mean exactly and what does an RC window guarantee?

RC certified PVC windows

In September 2011 a new European standard was published to distinguish the six window classes according to the resistance level (indicated in the table), i.e. H. Their ability to withstand the experience of intrusion with the help of physical strength and with the help of tools. In this regulation we differentiate between the classes RC1 N to RC6.

The abbreviation RC comes from the English term Resistance class and the letter N means ordinarybecause it suggests the possibility of installing glass without burglar-proof features. Before the name WK: Resistance class). However, the two terms are equivalent and largely depend on the type of glazing used in the joinery. With regard to glazing, classes P4A to P8B are classified from the smallest to the largest glass thickness and number of sheets.

UNE ENV 1627: 2000
UNE-EN 1627: 2011

WK 1 RC 1 N n / a RC 2 N n / a WK 2 RC 2 P4A WK 3 RC 3 P5A WK 4 RC 4 P6B WK 5 RC 5 P7B WK 6 RC 6 P8B

What is the RC2 class window?

RC2 class windows are equipped with the appropriate hardware and glazing that meet legal requirements, as well as other anti-theft devices that can withstand a theft test for at least 3 minutes. However, for class RC2, at least the following requirements must be met:

  • Reinforced peripheral fittings with anti-lever hooks and locking bolts in the correct quantity and position,
  • Laminated glass at least 4 PVB panels (P4A) glued to the grid,
  • Puncture protection plate on each silicone screw.

In addition, it should be noted that any security measures that are applied in class RC2 windows to fulfill their role is correct installation.

What is the difference between RC2 and RC2 N classes?

Since the resistance classes RC1 N and RC2 N do not place any safety requirements on the glazed part, windows of these two classes can therefore have any type of glazing. On the other hand, classes RC2 to RC6 differ in the number of plates and the thickness of the glass.

How important are these categories in real life?

With PVC windows of resistance class RC2 N or RC2, the average time to break open is three minutes, provided the thief uses simple tools such as pliers or screwdrivers. Although it appears very small, there is enough time to activate alarms with touch sensors or to intervene. The risk an intruder might want to take is low. Therefore, they often stop before three minutes are up. It is important to note that the type of glazing is not required for RC2 N windows. In class RC2, glass is used that meets the requirements of the EN356 standard, which further increases the security of our house.

PVC security class RC2 windows They offer optimal protection for single-family houses in residential areas and for houses on the ground floor with windows facing the street. It is recommended to install them on windows that are accessible from the balcony.

Protection against intrusion

Thieves are familiar with many techniques to enter our homes and confiscate the most valuable items we have.

The most common are push (by inserting a master key and tapping it with a hammer) or brilliant (Use a special sheet to open the lock). However, the most common way of entering a house is through the window and accounts for 57% of all thefts, nearly 70% of which are committed with simple tools such as a screwdriver.

All the windows in the Veneo range can be configured to meet the security standards established for class RC2, increasing their resistance to burglary, as they are equipped with appropriate hardware and laminated glass.

Windows are currently a weak point in terms of home security. However, we can change it through installation safer windows. It may seem like a small step, but it is very important that we feel more secure in our home. For more information on this topic, see our article on Safe Windows for Home Protection.