Christmas decorations for the whole family

In many areas of housework, it is often said that “toddlers can help”. For example, it’s a very common phrase when you see a chef on TV preparing a simple and fun dish. This can also apply to a world of decoration and especially at Christmas time.


If there’s one thing the little ones in the house love, aside from the gifts they receive for being well behaved throughout the year, this is it decorate the house with all sorts of Christmas motifs. In this regard, the easiest way is to go to a specialized store, buy them and put them in the selected place. However, we can take the Christmas decorations one step further and Share a pleasant moment with the little ones.

snow everywhere

In terms of craftsmanship, these are should always be performed under adult supervision, because some of the elements used need to be treated with care. Apart from that there is nothing else characteristic of Christmas dates like snow. The little ones love it and it’s really easy.

Far from the clumsy decoration you expect, we can make snowflakes, for example with plain paper. bend it correct shape and draw the correct figureAll you have to do is cut and open it Get the most authentic snowflake. A big advantage is that they can be made in different sizes and shapes. Any corner is good to put up, the window, the mirror, a piece of furniture etc and with a little tape it will be held in place without messing anything up until it needs to be removed.

Rudolph 3D

Another activity that little ones around the house can have fun with is creating a Santa Claus reindeer. To achieve this, all you need is a smooth cardboard and draw each body part on it to get the pieces of a 3D puzzle. Once cut out, all you have to do is stick them together and place the deer wherever you like, for example next to the Christmas tree.

In addition to those decorative elements that are a bit more daring in terms of craftsmanship, Christmas offers us many decorative ideas to take care of the children of the house. From Christmas baubles to Christmas stocking decorations to give Santa a coveted and well-deserved gift.