Cheap swimming pools to cool off this summer

When the sunny days come, you inevitably think of a refreshing swimming pool at home. However, the budget is getting on our nerves. Do not worry! There are creative and affordable alternatives today that allow you to create your own water oasis without having to apply for a loan. Don't miss the affordable pool options…

What are the cheapest pool options?

We present you 7 inexpensive swimming pools that are suitable for every budget and will make you want to dive straight into the joys of summer.

Polyester swimming pool

Like the classic concrete swimming pool, but cheaper and easier to install. Polyester swimming pools are made in one piece without joints and are placed directly on the excavated ground. Their price and ease of maintenance make them an ideal option.

Point the steel at the ground

They are placed directly on the ground of the garden or terrace, reducing the amount of work. They offer a wide range of finishes, from wood to blue steel. Make sure the floor is level and there is a solid base to support the weight.

Aluminum or PVC

Aluminum offers lightness and easy connection and is used in mobile swimming pools. Pools with PVC liner are cheaper, but we recommend having a replacement liner in case of damage. They don’t last as many years as traditional pools. You can have a brand new pool this summer!

Municipal swimming pools

Ideal for terrace or ground floor houses: they do not require excavation and are usually medium in size. The work includes creating a retaining wall to achieve the desired shape. They adapt perfectly to urban environments or areas with limited space. Here are some key features:

The classic swimming pool, “very small” size

If you are looking for stability and durability, a classic concrete swimming pool is an excellent option. You can reduce costs by reducing headcount. Start with a small version. If budget allows, add finishes like wood or polished concrete.

Mobile swimming pools

As summer approaches, a refreshing swim becomes a necessity. If you're on a tight budget, don't worry, there are cheaper options than the ones mentioned above.

Inflatable boats: Since they are only used in summer, the investment pays off better. Currently there are models up to 4 meters long and 2 meters wide. They are mounted on a safety mat and can be easily stored in winter.

Pallet pool: Do it yourself using wooden pallets, sturdy plastic, and a tarp. Customize size and design.

Container pool with IBC: IBC containers (Intermediate Bulk Containers) are tanks with a capacity of 1000 liters designed for the safe storage and transport of liquids and bulk goods. Their formats are specifically designed to utilize space as they can be stacked on top of each other. Made primarily of plastic materials, they feature reinforcements and metal construction as well as a pallet at the base.

Recycled tire base: A durable option and you can paint the tires to give them a creative touch.

Always remember to keep safety in mind and provide appropriate supervision, especially when children are present. These options allow you to enjoy your own swimming pool without having to worry about the cost.

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