CE marking of PVC windows

PVC windows and doors must have CE marking, common to all products of this type in the European Union. What are you applying for and what does that mean exactly?

CE marking: the declaration of conformity of the product with the European standard

The CE mark (for French European conformity, Spanish European conformity) according to the European standard must be affixed to PVC windows and doors. Its presence is the declaration of conformity of the product with the series of European directives (89/106 / EEC).

The European Construction Products Directives contain a detailed description of the requirements that all products in this category must meet, including PVC windows and doors. The CE marking cannot be renewed if an item does not meet the minimum standards for safety and quality. The main condition is that the manufacturer can place it on the market and distribute it throughout the European Union.

In order to affix the CE mark to the product, the same manufacturer can check and declare the conformity of its goods with the standards. This is the most common and does not require laboratory testing. On the other hand, the declaration for certain products can only be obtained if they have been verified by Notified body for him.

It should be noted that the CE marking primarily provides information about this quality of the product complies with the statutory standard. However, this is not an additional guarantee of quality.

Product features with CE marking

The CE marking for construction products provides basic information on their advantages. All products that have it are classified according to the same technical parameters.

The properties of PVC windows and doors The CE marking is as follows:

  • Impact resistance
  • Resistance to different weather conditions: resistance to water, wind and solar radiation
  • Permeability (to let air through)
  • Ability to evacuate harmful substances
  • Thermal insulation
  • Acoustic damping

CE marking: requirements for your application

The directive also stipulates that the CE marking must be applied directly to the product, label, packaging or relevant documents. Visible, legible and indelible, always keeping the proportions of the symbol. In addition to the label itself, manufacturers are required to provide additional information about the company including, but not limited to: factory name and address, product specifications, year of placing on the market, and the declaration number.

The factories are criminally liable. You can be sanctioned for failure to comply with established standards.

CE marking: what do you need to know?

The CE marking that manufacturers of construction products must affix PVC windows and doors This is a declaration of conformity of the product with the European standard. Its presence ensures that it meets the minimum requirements in terms of quality and safety. Factories cannot market their products without this certification. The label not only provides information about the technical characteristics, but also shows that the manufacturer offers products at the standard level, which are required by the European Union.

Just notice that PVC windows and doors Marked with the CE symbol are a guarantee of good quality and safety. All products in the Veneo range come from the best manufacturers and meet European standards. Contact us or visit our website for more information.