Can I install a portable pool on the balcony or patio?

Summer is coming and waiting portable swimming pools experienced a significant increase. With the arrival of nice weather, many people are thinking about having a home with a swimming pool, even if it’s mobile, to cool off in what AEMET says is likely to be another summer. as usual. If you have a small balcony or a reduced terrace in a building, at Plan Reforma we have carried out a complete analysis of the regulations and safety aspects that you must consider before taking this step.


Is it legal to install a swimming pool on a balcony or patio?

The answer is relative. From a legal point of view There are no special restrictions on installing mobile or inflatable pools on balconies for personal use.. However, it is important to note Section 7.2 of the Horizontal Property Act which states: “ The owners and occupants of the apartments or premises are not allowed to carry out activities prohibited by law, damaging property or contrary to the general regulations regarding inconvenient, unhealthy, harmful, dangerous or illegal activities.« . SO, You can install a mobile pool on your balcony as long as it does not pose a hazard due to the weight exerted on the structure.

In the case of a communal terrace, the approval of the community of owners must be obtained and the articles of association carefully checked to ensure that the installation is not prohibited. In addition, the use must be subject to a vote among the neighbors. It is also relevant to consider Section 9.1 of the Horizontal Property Act, which states that one of the duties of the owner is to “ Respect the common facilities of the community and the common elements, both for common use and for the personal use of other owners, whether included in their dwelling or property, by using them properly and avoiding damage« .

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Can a house support the weight of a swimming pool?

Apart from the legal framework, it is important to assess whether the building fabric is prepared for a load detachable swimming pool on balcony or terrace. The College of Technical Architects has warned of the risks involvedThe weight of a full tank can create an additional burden jeopardize the integrity of the structure. According to the experts from the said trade association, “the resistance of each building is calculated and limited to support the structure’s own weight and any additional loads such as people, furniture and utensils”.

Before proceeding to install a swimming pool in your home, this is extremely important Determine the maximum load capacity that the structure can support and request a technical report that guarantees the safety of the installation. The load-bearing capacity can vary depending on the age of the building, as terrace slabs and roof terraces can have different load-bearing capacities. According to the current regulations of the Chamber of Architects, the maximum permissible weight in residential buildings is 200 kilograms per square meter, but it can be lower in older buildings. So if we assume that a liter of water weighs a kilogram, filling a pool that is 1 square meter and 20 centimeters high already means a maximum load of 200 kilograms, regardless of the weight of the people bathing in it. .

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For this reason it is highly recommended Consult a specialized architect and check the build quality report or undergo a technical building inspection before installing a swimming pool on a balcony. In addition, it would be useful to ask the architect for a technical report certifying the safety of the installation in question.

Other relevant aspects before Install a floating pool in your home, In addition to these regulatory and technical considerations, there are other aspects that should not be overlooked before deciding to install a swimming pool:

  • Free space on the terrace: Before choosing a mobile pool, it is important to make sure that its dimensions correspond to the space available on the terrace.
  • Additional weight of the bather: When calculating the load on the terrace, not only the weight of the water must be taken into account, but also that of the people using the pool. A child’s weight is not comparable to that of an adult.
  • Pool Safety Rules: If you intend to install a swimming pool on a terrace or balcony, no matter how small, it is important to follow safety rules. For example, when children go swimming, it is important that they are under adult supervision at all times.
  • Pool maintenance: Although these are mobile pools, good maintenance is essential. Before, during and after use, it is important to take good care of the installation, regardless of its size.


In short: before deciding to buy a mobile pool, it is advisable to consult an expert who can advise you on the feasibility of the installation. If this is not possible, there is always the possibility to enjoy the impressive swimming pools from the comfort of your sofa or even, Look for a home that already has a swimming pool.