Brutal aesthetic: what is it and why is it modern?

A growing trend can be seen from the beginning of 2021: brutalist aesthetics. To understand it, you need to make two definitions and contextualize it historically in different time periods and in specific regions of the world. Are you going to change the decoration of the house? You are still interested.


What is the brutalist aesthetic?

Brutalist architecture in Berlin

E. Move originating in Eastern Europe, mainly with large buildings where cement or concrete are the main materials for facades of large blocks or offices. Hence, in relation to large architectural works, Cement is the main material used to achieve this aesthetic.

What interests us, however, is how brutalism is transmitted in homes.

Brutalism in decoration works with XL sizes and shapes without restrictions That makes it something extraordinary, especially compared to the traditional decorations we are used to.

Inherit some instructions from Brutalism in buildingsConcrete is also becoming a material in private households. Material that also interacts with others such as Steel, wood or glass but still believed. The aim is to convey brutality and naturalness with materials that are clearly rarely treated.

Where can you apply the brutalist aesthetic at home?


Brutal bathroom with concrete wall

This can be done, for example Imitation of concrete wallsby choosing one of the walls (which gives it more meaning) or doing so throughout the room (mainly bedroom, living room or kitchen). This imitation is mainly done with background which mimics the material. This style can remind you a little Industrial stylethat we talked about earlier.

However, if you want even more realism, you can. One of the plastered walls is authentically concreted. If you choose this option, it is best to only place it on one of the walls as it can be a bit painful for all four of them.

The figures

Straight shapes with exposed beams

The shapes are also interesting. Pay special attention to it straight and geometric lines. Indeed, we should mention here the habit of keeping structural elements such as beams in view as part of the decor. If you combine these types of elements with straight and sober decorationYou will achieve the balance that brutalist style. Don’t forget to activate it manufactures sofas, chairs, tables and only inside Wood or glass and with Bright colors Bring quality into the room.


Brutal open beam kitchen

If we’ve talked about the forms that brutalist styleNow it is interesting to know what materials should be installed at home in order to achieve the essence of this design.

The aim is to achieve the most natural aesthetics possible. That’s why it works with Materials that convey authenticity. As we have already said, concrete can be an ally of walls, but we cannot do without wood, for example. In this case, when a tree is chosen, naturally it must be which one The treatments don’t change it too muchIt is important that it is clean and naked and expresses the greatest possible naturalness.

If after reviewing the pictures and knowing the properties of brutalist styleIf you want to incorporate it into the decoration of your home, you can turn to an interior designer who will give you all the information you need to turn your home into a « brutal » room.