Boiler or heater, which is better?

It is considered very often Replacing the boiler or heating when you make a reform in the bathroom or in the kitchen. When it’s time to change the furniture and fixtures in your bathroom, it’s probably time to do it too Get more modern and efficient devices. However, there may be doubts about the best choice. We will try to answer all of your questions below.

Boiler or heating, what advantages do they offer?

The water heater, electric or gaseous, are used exclusively for Domestic water heatingIn any case, they are not used for heating radiators. There are many opportunities cheaper than a boiler, but more limited in its functions.

The boilerHowever, they allow the combination of hot water and heating in a single device, which can lead to significant savings in installation and consumption. However, in order to fully understand this, it may be appropriate to analyze carefully and separately whether it is a better boiler or better heating.

What types of heaters are there?

When we talk about a heater, we usually refer to gas appliances for heating domestic hot water. They are called on devices that use electricity to perform this function conditions electric. Nevertheless, we will analyze both cases.

The Gas heating uses a system almost identical to the boiler system to change the temperature of the domestic water. The flame of some burners heats the coil through which the water flows, coming out of the taps. If you just need to heat this liquid, The size is smaller,, ,,. price plus economically is consumption plus low than to the boiler. Of course, you will need another source of energy to raise the temperature in your home.

The electric heating It is a metal tank that is surrounded by thermal insulation and the water with a endurance. The water coming out of the faucet collects inside and the resistor maintains a constant temperature.

Both are possibilities more interesting than a cauldron if the area is not very cold. Instead radiator it is possible to use electric heaters portable for heating at home only a few weeks a year.

It’s interesting too electric heating whether you have air conditioning and duct heating or air conditioning. You can choose a good light source and Avoid paying mandatory gas fees, taxes, and audits.

To choose the right gas heater you can follow this table:

place of residenceFrom 1 to 3 peopleMore than 3 peopleKitchen + bathroom11/15 liters 15 litersKitchen + 2 bathrooms15 liters 15/18 liters

To choose the right electric heater, you can follow this table:

place of residence2 persons3 people4 people5 or more peopleKitchen + bathroom50/75 liters 75/100 liters 100/120 liters 150/200 litersKitchen + 2 bathrooms75 liters 100 liters 120/150 liters 180/220 liters

Which boiler types are there?

Most of the boilers on the market today are gas, from gas and from granules. Those who are placed thn Soils are usually gaseous and condensedA system that recirculates some of the heat that escapes through the exhaust pipe. They are completely safe and airtight, so they can be used both indoors and outdoors. So far, atmospheric, double or single sealed systems have been used.

Like heaters, they are powered by gas burners that They provide heat to the coil through which the water flows. In this case the pipe is double, one carries sanitary water and the other bypasses heating.

It is now necessary to differentiate between the current combination boilers with only tank and heating.

  • Currently mixed. It is switched on when you open the tap or connect the heater to the heat supply.
  • Mixed with battery. Like the previous ones, but with an additional small electric hot water tank so that hot water comes out sooner when the tap is switched on.
  • Just heat. It only has one heating circuit, it does not work with domestic water.

The usual in the house is Select mixed current or battery, Heating itself is less common as it only serves this purpose. Refer to this table to clarify which capacity to choose:

Bathroom hot water cal. Power Up to 80 m2124 kW18 kW80 – 100 m2124 kW24 kW100 – 160 m22228 kW28 kW100 – 160 m22335 kW28 kW More than 160 m223 or more 35 kW (battery) 30 kW

It may be appropriate for villas, chalets and other large energy-intensive houses Diesel or pellet boiler.

Now that you have all the details and whether to choose a boiler or a heater, it is time to look into reform. To make it easier for you, we have everything you need for your bathroom or kitchen. Come in Network baths and choose what you need.