Benefits and costs of installing home automation in the home

Technological changes are evolving faster and faster, which leads us to (or at least we try to) life is easier and more convenient. This is the main reason why we install home automation in our house. If you consider your Installation, this guide will help you Answers to some frequently asked questions such as the nature, benefits and costs of installing home automation in the home.


How much does it cost to install home automation in your home?

let’s give something Budgets for a 100 m2 apartment

  • Complete preset pack estimated price: 5000 Euro
  • Detail package home automation what do you want at home Estimated price: 3 500 euros

As you can see, The cost of installing home automation is highly dependent on the number of devices you want to put in your house, the size of the house and the quality of the fittings. At Plan Reforma we work with the best professionals and manufacturers, such as: Schneider Electricto ensure you find the best solution for your home.


home automation

The concept of home automation refers to the installation of different sets of systems or devices that allow remote automation of different elements of the house. These systems enable smart home management via any mobile device or tablet.

In addition, this term is associated with many advantages in terms of home security and energy efficiency.

What systems can we find for home automation?

Systems to improve security

Detects whether there is presence or whether a door is open: After activating the system if if a presence is detected or a door is opened, a photo is taken and in case of detection, a notification is sent to the user.

Presence simulation when nobody is at home: At 9pm the lights go out and at 12pm the blinds go up and down.

Water Leak Detection: I have a Mobile leak notification under the sink or in the bathroom.

Indoor and outdoor cameras: I put Cameras inside and outside the housewhich you can control via Wiser as well as via voice control devices such as Alexa, Google Home and Siri.

Systems to automate your home

  • Programming the raising and lowering of the blinds: The user will program raises the blinds automatically depending on when you get up, as well as from ancestry before going to bed.
  • Automatic lighting: The light switch turns on automatically when presence is detected, which is particularly advantageous for areas such as the kitchen or bathroom. If the user wants to go from room to room in the middle of the nightNo need to look for the switch to turn on the light.
  • Turn the light on or off from a single device with the automated package Turn on/off all lights and blinds at the same time: The user has a a more physical mechanism in your home consisting of buttons that allow you to configure a central control on all lights or blinds, ie with just one button you can turn off and lower the blinds when you leave the house or go to sleep.
  • Remote control for TV and air conditioner: You can enable, disable or Control them remotely or via the Wiser appas well as voice control of Alexa, Google Home and Siri.

Systems for an efficient home

  • Switch heating on and off: Remote controlled ON/OFF heater. In addition to can be switched on and off with the mobile phonel, You can schedule it, or when you notice a window popping up, you can stop it automatically.
  • Control of electricity consumption of household appliances: The user can Measure the consumption of electrical consumers the most important ones for your home and manage them so that they use less energy.

What are home automation systems?

There are 3 types of installations:

Home automation installation with wiring

This type of home automation system is very efficient and stable as it transmits the signal at high speed. In addition, there are no obstacles preventing the information from reaching the respective device.

Wireless installation for home automation

No wiring required. information transmitted by transmitters and receivers using radio frequency waves.

Mixed installation for home automation

It combines wired and wireless installation, making it possible Take advantage of the benefits each of them offers you. These systems are responsible for the exchange of information and the processing and functioning of big data.

How to choose the best home automation system?

To make a decision, several aspects must be considered so that home automation really improves your everyday life:

housing characteristics and needs

That house size This is a factor that must be taken into account not only when pricing the devices, but also when installing them. You have to decide if you need it the whole house is home automation or only certain rooms.

Also we should think which system meets the requirements, are you looking for security? Save energy? or an automated house? It is important to be clear about the purpose you wish to cover when installing these devices.

system operation

You will have to live with this system every day, even though the technology is up to date designed to be intuitive and easy to useIt is important to fully understand how it works and how it is configured.

Your system is also important may be adjusted or updated as progress is made, and thus ensure that you have the most complete system.

Benefits of home automation

Here are 4 key points that installing home automation in your home can help you with:

  • Increases comfort and living comfort.
  • Save energy.
  • More security in the house.
  • The price of the goods will increase.
  • What are you waiting for to request a quote for your home? Get in our calculator and get a preliminary quote based on the needs you want to cover.