Beam and plaster vaults Plan your Reforma blog, plan and implement your work

If we usually post content talking about walls or floors, today we think it appropriate to talk about ceilings, which are more important or more important than any other element in the construction and decoration of a house.


ON very common blanket In rural areas in particular, they are decorated with arches and beams. Today we can apply that proposal to any area we want to include rustic style.

Roof with Arches and beams He always admires us, surprises us because it is very unusual, but in fact it is quite easy to get because there are arches and beams on the market, usually made of plaster of paris of standard dimensions. easy to find when we get the advice of a good professional.

There are so many different patterns that it is best to adjust the room to fit best. It is also important to think about the direction how to visually position parts horizontally or vertically. Here are some details to think about before proceeding with the reform.

As well as Drawing can be importantYour choice of shade can make a world of difference. Paint everything Pastel shades can give us a more romantic touch while receiving if you choose to distinguish the arc of the ray with the contrast Improvement and improvement of the ceiling.

Another very interesting option is the simple activation of the safe without beams, where the whole roof is curved, visually very different from what we are used to. This is not a trivial idea as it is done without much art.


Curved drywall, the height and spacing of which can suit the user, are generally smooth, although they can also be achieved by imitating old bricks.


Piece of plaster and U shape with a variety of plain or patterned models and with different dimensions in width and height. You can also find imitations of wood in plaster of paris and polyurethane.

If you need a professional in your area to help decorate the house or give you ideas on how to improve it, get a quote from one of your provinces.