Bathroom sets for adjustment after the holidays

The Ensembles YY thermes They are the perfect allies that add the finishing touches to any bathroom renovation. If you are talking about home improvement undoubtedly, then one of the most popular areas is the bathroom.

Grooming is essential to add to the value of your home and improve your daily life. With the new toilet layout you can create more space for yourself and have more storage space with new bathroom furniture, accessories and furniture for your bathroom. Plus, times are changing!

Why reform your bathroom?

We discover you the reasons to reform your bathroom that you haven’t fallen into:

  • save energy. A simple action like replacing a shower tray will drastically reduce water usage. The same applies to current taps and toilets that optimize water consumption.
  • Turn it into another room for sure YY comfortable. In an area as sensitive as the bathroom, it is always wise to minimize the risk of bumps or accidents.
  • Update and customize the device new needs. Current devices are designed for today’s everyday life and are made of more suitable and more resistant materials.
  • To do better esthetic. Modern styles not only look better, but they also give your bathroom a cleaner, healthier look.
  • Correct the gaps. In many cases, it’s better to remodel a full bathroom than repairing the damage. This is the best way to fight against the passing of time.

Bathroom packages and sets for your home

The thermes and the rest of the set is an ideal option to add a new recognizable touch to your bathroom. They represent a significant aesthetic improvement to your new bathroom, as it has a larger optical packaging. In addition, with bathroom packages you will save economically.

Discover all the possibilities with the different packs of toilets, faucets, furniture, showers and bathroom accessories that we have. With our wide range of designs you can give this room in your home what you have always wanted. Here are some of our best bathroom packages from our catalog:

  • Toilet and bidet Lucca. The toilet is made of ceramic with a pillowcase and a system without tires. On the other hand, the bidet is also made of ceramic, can be adapted to any tap with a mixer and has a panel to prevent water from spilling.
  • Adalis sink and waterfall faucet. The set is defined by a sink on the work surface and a piece of faucet. The sink is made of ceramic, glossy white and classic style. On the other hand, the waterfall faucet is resistant to oxidation, has a calm water outlet and great aesthetic beauty. The entire package has a standard installation with no complications.
  • Dinant furniture set with sink and faucet. The set contains a sunken bathroom cabinet, a ceramic washbasin on the cabinet and a washbasin tap with a waterfall. The furniture is characterized by a melanic material, a drawer with a black handle and a progressive lock. At the same time, the sink is prepared to optimize the maximum possible space in the furniture. The minimalist design of the set is reflected in the waterfall tap.
  • Athena toilet set with bidet. This Fossil Natura pack has a vintage style that will delight most classics who want a sober and elegant atmosphere. The toilet has a wooden cover that you can choose from different colors. The bidet is attached to the floor, has a curved interior and is made of ceramic. Installing this package is quick and easy.
  • Gante vanity with Shiva sink and waterfall faucet. This freestanding cabinet is painted white and made of oak melanin. On the other hand, the sink has a rectangular design, a glossy finish and is made of ceramic. In addition, the waterfall tap has a filter that retains lime.
  • Hanging black pack. Most personal in its conception, this set consists of a lowered Empire cistern and a lowered toilet in Verona. The cistern has an innovative glass front and both parts are made of ceramic.
  • Matt black accessories. This pack consists of accessories that are quick and easy to install and ideal for small spaces. The content of the packaging consists of stainless steel parts and consists of a toilet paper holder, a corrosion-resistant shower holder and four adhesive hangers, each weighing 8 kilograms. You may also find this package in a different design, like the one in Chrome accessories.

Here are our top recommendations, the choice now is yours. Think wrong and make your bathroom unique!

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