Bathroom cleaning tips

The bathroom is probably one of the rooms in the house that needs cleaning the most and certainly the one that needs to be perfectly clean and tidy along with the kitchen. And that is exactly what makes a clean bathroom a photo of a neat house and the same on the contrary. So today we’re going to try to give you some of that Bathroom cleaning tipsso that it is efficient and perfect.

Choose the right products

There are countless cleaning products out there and at first we may not know which one is ideal for our bathroom. It is clear that you have to Use a good disinfectant.

  • The vinegar: Although smell is not its forte, it can be helpful in cleaning your bathroom. In fact, many products that you will find on the market contain it among their components.
  • active oxygen: It is very effective against mold and leaves a less unpleasant odor than vinegar. In addition, it can be used with other products without any risk.
  • bleaching: Also very effective against mold, although in this case it is dangerous to mix it with other products. You also need to be careful as they stain and yellow certain materials.
  • isopropyl alcohol: This is a component carried by most window cleaners. You have to be careful because it is very flammable, but on the other hand it is a powerful disinfectant.

Apply in conflict areas

For a complete cleansing of certain conflict zones, it is advisable to prepare one Mix baking powder and a sponge, be sure to scrub well. Note the tile joints. Then rinse them off with clear water. The next Mix vinegar with bathroom cleaner and rub again. We wash them again and rub isopropyl alcohol on them to give them more shine.

If the color of the grout remains dark, we must use bleach. It is applied with a brush and left to dry. After that, the excess is removed by rubbing.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when cleaning the bathroom. In our blog we give you some keys to always keep the rest of your house clean, such as: B. Keys to clean the washing machine or to clean and maintain the radiator.