Bathroom accessories for the elderly ✅

There are many devices on the market that can be of great help Toilets for the elderly. They not only make cleaning easier, but also serve as safety precautions against falls or injuries.

In today’s post tWe’re going to show you some of these bathroom accessories for the elderly.

Importance of bathroom accessories for the elderly

More than half of senior citizens’ falls at home occur in the bathroom. They are part of age-related diseases Loss of vision, balance, or limb mobility. If we add this to the fact that bathroom floors can be slippery or have bumps, for example between a shower or bathtub and the floor, the risk of accidents increases significantly.

The new circumstances of the elderly require certain changes, such as: Customize the elements of a bathroom to make them more functional.

That’s why we’re showing you some of them in today’s post Bathroom accessories for the elderly in the toilet.

Basic bathroom accessories for the elderly

See The Bath catalog for Bathroom accessories for the elderly that should not be missing. It doesn’t matter if you have help or not, it’s important in making everything easier and safer. Here are some you will find:

Bathroom chairs

Bath chairs and chairs are indispensable for the elderly. It is very important dAt least one that is waterproof and can be put in a bath or shower.

They can be very helpful in preventing falls due to imbalance or dizziness. They are also suitable for those who cannot stay long.

Depending on your mobility, there are different options when choosing a shower chair. There are fixed and mobilewhich opens up the possibility of choosing the most suitable for you. Here are some of the models you can find in our shop:

  • Small bathroom chair. Small and perfect for shower trays.
  • Bathroom bench and chair. Plastic and metal or bamboo chair.
  • Fixed bench. Wall anchor chairs. You can find them easily and with support for more security.
  • Shower chair. It has a backrest for more stability and comfort.
  • S.Folding shower chair. Chair with folding option for occasional use or to collect after use.
  • Padded. Benches and chairs with waterproof and padded seats for more comfort.

Anti-slip bars

Another element that brings more security is a non-slip adhesive tape. There are different models, the shape and size of which differ depending on the intended use. The idea is that any risky act, like getting in and out of a bathtub or shower, sitting or standing up, is much easier.

The support also minimizes the risk of falling if you slip. Here are the main models:

  • Security handles. These screens are mainly found in showers and bathtubs. They are attached to the wall and serve as support when entering, leaving the bathtub or shower and while using the toilet. You can prevent some of the most serious and common accidents like skating. They are also useful in making the work of caregivers easier.
  • Security bar for the bathroom. They are larger than the handles, so they cover a larger area. They are especially useful in large tubs and showers where mobility is greater.
  • Toilet and sink safety bar. These curved bars are attached to the wall and prepared so that toilets and sinks can be used more easily. There are fixed and foldable systems that are used according to the characteristics of the bathroom and personal taste.

Booster seats

One of the problems facing the elderly and people with reduced mobility is Difficulty sitting and getting up from the toilet. When you sit down, your body can suddenly fall, become unbalanced, or cause trauma. Standing up will likely take too much effort to do this.

To avoid risks and efforts, An additional cuvette can be installed. This increases the height and makes it easier to sit and stand. If this system is supplemented by a safety strap that serves as a support, the operation is considerably simplified.

Another option is to choose a Toilets for people with reduced mobility. They are specially designed and more comfortable than elevators.

How can I get bathroom accessories for the elderly?

in the The bathroom you will find everything older bathroom accessories you need. If you search our online catalog you will see all the accessories mentioned.

In addition to accessories, we also have special elements for the design of bathrooms with special properties. There are special sinks, toilets and taps for the elderly or people with reduced mobility.