Awnings: construction, planning and tips on choosing the best

Canopies are called canvas structures that block the passage of sunlight. It can be placed in a home, business premises, beach, or any other location where you need to create a roof for shade or rain protection.

To the Enjoy the summer on the terrace, terrace or balcony. There is nothing better than choosing awnings. Of course, it doesn’t matter which awning is placed, as each has a different function.

Why should we want to install an awning?

Sun or shade

Definitely a very good solution to the need for shade. If there are no natural shadows on a patio, deck or balcony, then they need to be created enjoy the outside environment a little more. Hence, awnings are a very good option as we can lengthen them when we want shade and fold them when we want to enjoy the sun.


New technologies in glass roof structures allow us to choose between retractable awnings with a manual or an automatic system. You no longer need Popeye’s hand to extend the canopy. the motorized technology that some types of retractable awnings have, allows you to enjoy the hours outdoors.


By placing awnings in your home, we give it another element of style. Let’s take advantage of the function of the canopy and combine its fabric with the style of the house.

Protection of furniture in the environment

The rays of the sun can damage or discolor curtains or furniture in the house. By installing parasols, we can protect the internal environment from exposure to the sun’s rays.

save energy

When awnings are placed in the openings of the house, the interior is naturally refreshed. This means that the air conditioning can be switched on in a shorter time. If we also have PVC windows, we get an environment with an enveloping effect.

What kind of awning to place in each room?

the window

When it comes to protecting a window from the sun, awnings for awnings are the best options. They protect the indoor climate from the sun and let in air.


If, on the other hand, it is a balcony, then we need to focus on vertical models or curtain models. Especially when we have the support of balustrades. If the railings are far from each other, then it is better to choose, since the balcony is large Awnings with articulated arms. They are stronger, more stable and more precise.

Guess what Types of awnings best suited for balconies.

Terraces or patios

Awning platform pergolas are solid structures that provide stylish shade to an area of ​​the patio or patio. In the next article we will explain the properties of Awnings for patios or patios.

Canopy canopy density

Having a green space to relax in at the end of the day is something very few people can appreciate. If we are restricted by the sun’s rays or the rain, we can enjoy very little weather this summer.

That is why we should have shade on our own balcony, terrace or patio. Especially at this time of the pandemic when Breathing fresh air is a great benefit. But it depends on the density of the canopy how much protection we have from the sun’s rays and how waterproof it is to protect us from the rain.

By choosing a good awning, we can put furniture inside to relax all year round. If you have any questions, you can contact an awning expert.

Lacquered wood or aluminum construction

The structures can be made of wood, aluminum or stainless steel so as not to be destroyed by the weather. When installing wooden pergolas, special treatment should be carried out. If the structure is made of aluminum or metal, only one coat of paint is needed.

Canvas care

The best type of construction is one where awnings are extendable and retractable. This way it can be protected from strong winds. We can even store it before it rains and prevent the canvas from getting wet and causing mold.

The sun rays cause too Discoloration of hay cloth. What else, Dirt and dust can cause dirt to adhere to it. So if the canvas can be separated from the structure, it can be brought to clean for cleaning and color renewal.

See reference prices for material and labor for installing awnings.

Expert advice before buying awnings

Before we order awnings, we need to think about a few questions that are asked by the company that makes and sells awnings. The most common are:

Will it be installed in a house, building, or business park?

If it’s a building, you need to follow the same rules for adding awnings to windows, balconies or patios. If it’s in a house, this problem doesn’t exist. When choosing the best type of awning, only the general style of the house is taken into account.

When it comes to commercial premises, the fabric of the canopy should be considered as it will experience more wear and tear. But the biggest difference is that if it’s a business, you probably want it Print the stamp and other data on the canvas.

What is the main function of the awning?

The main functions of awnings are to provide shade and protect us from rain. The denser the awning, the better the protection from sunlight and The darker the tarpaulin, the better the protection from the sun’s rays, but also does not allow the passage of natural light that obscures the interior.

Sometimes micro-perforated tarpaulins are enough to protect us a little from the sun’s rays, but they let in natural light.

Where is the awning installed?

The fact that the awning is installed on the windows differs from the type of awnings that can be installed on the patio or patios. The differences are mainly due to the size, type of construction and support.

What accessories would you like to add?

The main accessories are related to the retractable mechanism. You can manually or automatically add sensors that even sense the intensity of the sun and rain to automatically close and open the canopy.

the Folding awning system is the most chosen, knows its advantages and disadvantages.