Arguments for offering discounts to your customers

The discounts are Selling a gun we are used to this in supermarkets, department stores or products bought in bulk. However, if we know how to use them well and argue most of the time, they can be great too. Sales tool for the construction and renovation sector. With them we will try to make the individual feel special, but above all to trust us and in our work to carry out the necessary reforms in your house.

But you have to know how to get good discounts and Provide the correct arguments so that the individual does not believe that we have overwhelmed him to make the reduction later. You have to be believable and above all, to give confidence to the individual, a trust that persists not only economically but also in the workplace.

What arguments should be given in the discounts?

What arguments should be made about discounts?

Discounts for repairs above price X.

Let’s assume that your work is usually average reforms of 20,000 or 30,000 euros. But one day a customer arrives with a complete reform with a budget of more than 60,000 euros. It’s a job that interests you because the perks you get double what you normally get. In this case it is interesting to hold the position and inform the customer that you are precisely because he is working with such dimensions Apply% discount to the total budget.

Discounts for referrals

Sometimes you are also interested in offering discounts People recommended by other previous customers. In fact, in any job you work on, you can talk about your handover strategy. Tell and let the client know if you have a family member or friend who is interested in reforming the home. They only have a discount rate with you because they are recommended by him. It can be helpful if a friend tells you that they are looking for someone to work at home and remembers the discount you indicated. Always leave a merchandising product (pen, diary …) so that you can be found at any time.

Discounts by date

If during your career you’ve found that the workload decreases significantly in certain months, it may be worth giving discounts to clients who choose to reform. in these times that the work is weak for you. That way, they make money by getting a discounted rate, and you make money because you can stay active during those months of small jobs.

Discounts for recurring work

If the customer is satisfied with your work, with all possible options I will want to repeat with you when the circumstance arises. Although our industry is not an industry where customers usually work with us continuously, if a person is happy with the reform, I will probably count on you for this other job you need to be at home. Show them that you value their trust in you with a percentage discount.

There are many reasons and reasons why you can offer the client a reduction in the total cost of the budget. It is also very important not only to comment orally on the reduction, but also to comment It’s interesting that you see it clearly in the budget and watch how much you’ve deducted from the total budget. If he is already satisfied with your work and you are now giving him this discount out of confidence, it is more than likely that he will hand the reform over to you without blinking.

We have said that it is very important for the person to see the number that you have reduced by this reduction that you are about to make. How can you show them If you already work with Dear,, ,,. the most useful professional budget program on the marketin the interactive budget you want to deliver, you can put a discount line that is sure to see the price of the work you are going to do. Check out this interesting video to see how the customer can see the discount you applied to them.

Whatever your reasons for requesting a discount, Always try to be as clear as possible, do not give up at any point (it will paint a bad picture for you) and stick to the numbers you originally suggested.

We already mentioned STIMAT. If you’re already working with it, you can connect directly and draw up a budget. If you haven’t registered yet, it’s free! and you can enjoy all of these functions.