Advantages of using a budgeting program over creating it manually

panache the benefits of using a budgeting program instead of doing it by hand These are many, including greater accuracy and detail, the ability to track and analyze costs, and much more. In this article we explain how You can improve the performance thanks to the features of the software planning reform projects.


Increased accuracy and ease of use

Budgeting plans are more accurate than manually created budgets. In fact, budget programs are intended for automatic calculation Numbers and predictions, which reduces the margin of error, which is particularly useful when dealing with complex calculations or when a large number of items are required.

In addition, budget programs often contain functional to support data analysis, generation of invoices, tracking… This allows you to make decisions more efficiently. For example, they can create charts and tables that show the evolution of costs and benefits over time helps to recognize patterns and problems.

Finally allow budgetary programs automated import of data from other applicationssuch as BC3 or Excel, reducing the possibility of human error during manual data entry.

More efficient and collaborative budgets

Budgeting programs are more effective than manual budgets. This is due to the budget programs Automate many tasks like line item creation and budget calculation quickly, saving time and effort.

In addition, budget programs often contain functions to share the budget with the customer with just one clickor collaborate in real-time with other professionals.

And finally the budget programs often have warning and notification functionswhich will help you to effectively monitor all reform projects.

Better flexibility and accessibility

Budgeting programs are more flexible than manually created budgets. It’s because Budget programs often come with customizable options and tools to meet needs specific to each professional.

Also, they usually have include automatic updates and technical supportensure that the latest functions and features are always available.

The programs of Budget are often available on different platforms and devicesThis allows users to access it from anywhere, anytime, which is very useful for professionals working on multiple renovation projects at the same time.

Discover our program budget STIMAT

The STIMAT evaluation software is Easy to use and powerful to help construction professionals and your teams to create accurate estimates for construction projects.

Stimat comes with a variety of tools to help users take full control of their renovation projects:

  • Budget generator in 1 minute, time is gold and we know it. Build all your headers, metrics and various product options in each work item. You can also configure it with your preferred prices and products. Create your own template that will update with the size and layout of each home you visit.
  • Control subcontractors and your suppliers, you will probably not control all aspects of the renovation and will outsource some work to specialist companies. To calculate the price, you use the STIMAT software to submit the measurements and it fills in the fields that correspond to the price. This facilitates contact with subcontractors. In addition, if you work with the same suppliers, you can set their price in the workspace with just one click. Highlight the item you want to allocate to the supplier and change the « Cost per hour » if necessary.
  • Prepare and control invoices and job references. Certificates are essential in the reform profession as they are used to account for work done. It is important that the certifications are carried out correctly and reflect all deviations (both positive and negative) from the original budget. complete billing system, Do you pay for one program to create budgets and another to create invoices? now with billing system you can:
    • Create, change or delete: invoices, allowances or pro forma
    • apply hold
    • Organize invoices by collection status
  • Show your customers the budget visually and quickly
    • Client mode: Client mode serves two main purposes.
      • Firstly, it allows the professional to offer different material options with different levels of quality and price, leaving the final choice to the customer. This means that the customer can choose the material that best suits their budget and preferences.
      • Second, it allows the customer Access the interactive budget and experiment with different finishing options.
    • the mood board toolallowing the customer to see how the selected materials will look in the context of the reform.
  • Upload documents to the cloud: With the file manager you have all the information about the work in one place, quickly and cleanly, and you can download any type of file (photo, visualization, documents, Excel, etc.).
  • Reminder and warning system: You might forget to contact a customer or fail to complete a task on time the difference is whether you get the job or not or if you are already doing it, whether the customer recommends you or not.
  • Finally, Using a budgeting program rather than creating one by hand offers several benefits, including greater accuracy, efficiency, and flexibility. These tools are ideal for helping renovation companies plan and control their costs more effectively.