Advantages of loyal customers – work

Maintaining a high level of quality in customer service to increase business profits is nothing new. There is a lot Benefits of loyal customers; Looking good on our regular customers can help us attract them as repeat customers, and that’s why they continue to choose us as a professional or trustworthy company.


Benefits of customer loyalty

Customer loyalty must be a priority for any company or professional, regardless of the industry, but especially in our union. Between Main advantages have loyal customers and to repeat we find the following:

  • I win Money: It will help you make more money with less effort as in that case no effort will be made to attract new customers.
  • Most frequent sales: If the customer is satisfied and we continue to commit to other services, we will generate more sales by repeating the work with the same customer.
  • Further new customers: A satisfied customer not only has an influence on whether he would like to have us again for future jobs, but also speaks well about us to his family, friends or acquaintances and helps us to find new customers by mouth.
  • Fewer probability Complaints and complaints: A loyal customer is one who is satisfied with the operation of our business or our services as a professional. We therefore minimize the possibility of submitting complaints or complaints to us.
  • Better reputation and company or professional evaluation: by reducing the possibility of complaints and widening our mouths, we will improve our reputation and evaluation as a company or professional; When we also have a website or social media, other users (potential customers) see the positive reviews that other customers have left us and this helps them choose our services over those of the competition.
  • Source: Castro reforms

    How to manage the customer portfolio

    There are some very useful ways to manage our old customers and keep track of projects or budgets we’ve already done with them and the ability to quickly and easily « save » them to re-start a new project start. . with you. Thanks to Dear, you can stow everything Projects and the budgets you make as well your customers’ data So you have all the data you need at a glance.

    When entering your STIMAT customer area, thanks to the project search engine, you can see in the list of projects that you have already completed and search Naturally Project. You can search by project name, email or customer name.

    • Find customers when creating a new deal

    A very useful feature in addition to the search engine for existing projects is the ability to Search for customer data definitely what you were already working with when creating it new budget. That way, it’s so easy to find a customer who has requested your services again to create a new budget.

    As you can see, there are many quick and easy ways to get your old clients and projects up and running so you can keep providing them with the best of service when they sue you as a professional for a new job or a repair.