Advantages of fixed shower panels

Still not sure about installing a permanent shower screen in the bathroom? You can find out in this article Advantages of fixed shower panelsand why you should have it. Right now, these are the most impactful and trending screens for all of their practical advantages. In addition, their designs do not lag behind. You will be surprised by all the functional and aesthetic benefits that you will find there!

Why a fixed shower screen?

  • Upgrade your bathroom. When you add a modern and contemporary touch to your bathroom, it will be upgraded and upgraded. You get a stylish new look for such a unique space. The whole aesthetic development. Renew or Die!
  • This means economic savings. Fixed shower panels are usually cheaper than sliding screens.
  • Add security to your stay. It’s a stable and safe option, both aspects should be considered for your bathroom. On the other hand, avoid sprays that get wet under your bathroom after you shower.
  • It lets more light in the bathroom. Fixed partition walls in combination with mirrors on the wall make the room lighting more informative. Thanks to the minimalist design, the light will multiply.
  • You won Altitude rangel. Thanks to its slim profile, it only creates a greater feeling of free space, light and accessibility at first glance.
  • Easier to clean. The fixed shower screen is easy to clean and maintain. Because it’s made of thicker glass and tempered like crystal, it will be more difficult for lime scale or other types of dirt to penetrate the plate. In addition, most existing models contain limescale protection as standard, which guarantees the hygiene of your shower.
  • It is possible to make the most of the space available. Without a doubt, they are of great help in getting the most out of your bathroom, especially when using the smallest of spaces. The details that you don’t need extra space to access the shower can make all the difference. In addition, differentiated areas are created in the room that do not obscure the room.
  • Add more durability to the room. Fixed panels are strong and therefore more durable. As mentioned earlier, the thick tempered glass is not only great for easy cleaning, but is also a long-term safe choice for your shower.

Our recommendations

Before we move on to the recommendations, we’d like to leave you with a number of guidelines and points to keep in mind in order to get a solid shower board. First of all, you need to consider all dimensions like aspect ratio, width, height and thickness. Second, you need to know the fixings included in the panel and whether there is any anti-limescale treatment. Of course, you should not lose sight of the design line you want to achieve for the aesthetic you want, and finally, consider the guarantee.

We know renovating a space as large as a bathroom is not an easy task. In fact, it can be quite difficult to decide on this or that model. To make it easier for you to choose, we are leaving some models from our catalog for you. Do not hesitate to ask questions about the models on our website!

Kalos fixed shower column

It has anodized aluminum profiles and a glossy surface that makes it possible to optically fit into any bathroom. In addition, you can customize the tartar treatment and indicate whether you want it or not.

Mindanao fixed shower column

This screen is characterized by industrial design and aesthetic details in black. It’s a perfect option to add a very recognizable touch to the room and bathrooms with large spaces.

Nilo fixed shower column

It’s one of the cheapest options in the catalog. It adapts perfectly to the different style lines of your bathroom and you can choose whether you want the aesthetic details in silver or black.

Arizona fixed shower screen

It is characterized by its adaptability as it is a reversible model. In addition, you can choose the width of the perfect model for your bathroom. The black details are a sign of elegance and diversity.

Pisa fixed shower screen

It is characterized by a glass thickness of 8 millimeters. It has a different aesthetic than the usual, with a black top that accompanies the bathroom wall. Perfect for rooms where white and black predominate.

You have already discovered everything advantage and the best Models of fixed shower panels. They certainly didn’t know what they could bring you. Given how much time you spend in the bathroom each day … why not refresh a little to make your mornings easier?