Advantages of choosing a sliding window

A sash window is a type of opening that is widely used in any type of constructionespecially in more modern homes. Its advantages include the ability to let in natural light and take up little space.

Like everything, this opening system has some drawbacks that we will analyze below.

How is the system with sliding windows?

The sliding window consists of two or more levels that move horizontally using the slider. Therefore, if one sheet overlaps the other, it will be impossible to fully open the hole.

Benefits of using a sliding window

This window system has certain advantages over other more traditional types of openings that help make it one of the most popular today.

Shorten space

The main advantage of sliding windows is the space saving they create compared to a traditional opening system. This allows us to place objects nearby and does not interfere with opening or closing the window.


Another major benefit is safety for children. Because it prevents them from touching the edges of the frame or the glass. With this design, the edges still remain in the wall.

Greater visibility from the outside

Sliding windows generally use thinner profiles in the frame, so that the glass dominates the view more, creating a greater sense of space and giving us a better view of the outside.


The design of the sliding windows is a significant asset as it gives the house a more modern and updated look. They are made from the most modern materials and therefore have a wide variety of coatings which can be applied to match the style of the home. The choice of glass depends on the need for the cover.

For your safety, you can a professional builder Which is the best model for your home.

Disadvantages of using a sliding window

Although it is one of the most marketed models, this type of window has several drawbacks that significantly influence the purchase decision.

Less openness

The most obvious disadvantage of sliding windows is that the opening is smaller compared to other types of windows. From We can only open half the total window size. The overlapping sheets are in the other half.

Wind is half what would come in if the window could be fully opened due to the window design.

Less insulation

In terms of insulation, whether acoustic, waterproof or thermal, it is significantly lower than that of any other type of system. Therefore, sash windows are considered less effective, and this is due to the fact that the joints are made with a brush.

Demanding maintenance

Another very important disadvantage of sliding windows is the complexity that they add to their maintenance. It is very difficult to clean properly due to its sliding system any part of the window.

Remember that it is very important to clean the slides well as any type of dirt will hinder the movement of the window frame and make its function more difficult to perform.

Here are some pros and cons that we need to analyze because It is very important to analyze and consider these aspects to see if they meet our expectations before buying the window.

You can consult on this topic Reference price to place this type of window.

Types of sliding windows

There are different types of sliding windows. Each of them has different advantages that help improve its functionality. This way we can choose the best design according to the requirements we need to meet.

Main sliding window

This type is the most common on the market. The leaves slide from left to right, overlap and depending on the design there will be more than two leaves in this type of window.

Parallel oscillation

It is a combination of lateral sliding and pendulum movements. That way we can tip the leaves inward and leave room on top and ventilate the house more safely.


This system is used when the windows are large and heavy. It consists of lifting the blade while moving sideways. This design is more efficient in terms of insulation as they have a better locking system, but their market price is usually one of the highest.


It’s one of the rarer discovery systems because it takes up more space and can usually be seen at the entrances to patios or galleries. When it opens The leaves are arranged as if it were an accordionand they are gathered on one side of the window.

They offer a larger opening than a normal sliding window, but their sashes require more space to the side.

Vertical or guillotine

This system is widely used in old houses and works the same as other windows, with the difference that it works vertically, that is, the leaves move from top to bottom or from bottom to top.

The rails are on the side of the window and usually only the lower sash rises while the upper sash remains stationary. Although this is an older window style, it is returning to the market as a modern option.

Combined sliding window

It is a combination of two or more opening systems. They are usually custom made due to the complexity of the system.

Aluminum is one of the most commonly used materials Fences on balconies and barbecue areas.

Sliding door on the window

The sliding opening system consists of a combination of windows and doors. This model has the same sliding system but the blades are larger. You are above the ground and at neck level.

By design, People can get in and out through the patio sliding door and thus fulfills both a double function, a window and a door. This system works best for using balconies or exits to the courtyard.

The greatest advantage of this opening system is that light can enter and exit easily during the day.

As we’ve seen, there are a variety of sliding windows to suit different needs. It is important to choose a good model of windows, as it will accompany our house for a long time.

We’ll show you in the next article Designs and technologies for modern windows.