Advantages and disadvantages of floor tiles

When we are looking for a cover that is good for us Strength and durability most likely we will encounter floor tiles. This type of floor is one of the most common used in all homes because it is very flexible. We can find one too Wide range of designs and colors that adapt perfectly to all styles.

Floor tiles are clay composite tiles with a glazed surface to ensure good resistance to moisture and impact. They also contain a Shine, hardness and texture that we will not dwell on other subjects.

Types of floor tiles

There are a variety of types of floor tiles that have some differences. Because everyone has a different function. We will now know its main characteristics by classifying them into Ceramics for outdoor floors and ceramics for indoor floors.

Then we can choose the best option depending on the area of ​​the house that we want to renovate.

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Types of ceramics for outdoor floors

There is ceramics for the exterior of our home. Their design can give us a unique style of our garden or the facade of our house without losing its properties, as they can easily withstand moisture and the effects of sunlight.


These tiles, which are in a terracotta shape, are usually orange in color and have a similar coating but rustic style. Made of clay, they undergo various treatments so as not to lose their shine and easily withstand any type of dirt. Usually they do used on patios or gardens Thanks to this more informal finish, they present themselves.

Rustic stone

They are very common on the floor of public or industrial spaces. Although it has a rustic finish and is not glazed, unlike terracotta, they are much more durable and resilient. In addition, its color can vary from dark brown to ocher.

Ceramic for indoor floors

We can also find some options that you can fit into your home. In this way, you can enjoy all the benefits no matter what room in the house we want to renovate, without damaging the design that we want to keep.

Enamelled stone products

Glazed stone pottery is one of the most widely used in households or industries. Because it’s one of the cheapest we can find. In addition, it offers us a wide variety of options with different surface treatments. Glass brick has a low porosity and any kind of stain can be cleaned easily.


This type of ceramic is one of the most durable on the market. It can be used on the walls or floors outside or inside our home. It is an excellent coating as it effectively withstands sudden changes in weather and all types of stains. In addition, among its variants we can find some that imitate any type of material such as wood, marble or stone very well.

Floor tiles

Tiles are much smaller tiles and are often placed around the house, especially in bathrooms or kitchens. They are a very durable type of coating and they look really good. They are thin in thickness and have high porosity. They can be found as squares or rectangles and have one drawback that needs to be considered. Cleaning can be a little tricky as they often build up grease. To avoid this, we can clean them with vinegar water.

Ceramic floors in wood look

Wood is a style that is widely used in all households because it can be perfectly combined with many styles. In addition, this material provides a warmer environment. However, laying a wooden floor can have ramifications for us as it can be a little more difficult to maintain. We can now find another way for this problem, and that is, we can now find ceramics that simulate the look and texture of wood very well.

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Advantages and disadvantages of floor tiles

Ceramic is a very select coating for use on any floor of a house. This is due to the number of advantages this material gives us over others. We’ll learn a little more about its features.

As we saw Ceramics can imitate wood very well Providing the durability benefits that wood cannot surpass. However, the stone is very difficult to look at properly. Although its price is much lower than that of natural stone.

A major advantage of ceramic over other materials is that it is very easy to clean. What else, has much higher resistance to scratches and stains over the years whatever our daily activities.

However, its strength is much less than stone, and ceramic tile laying can be more difficult. Laying other floor coverings takes longer. This is even more so if we intend to renovate the floor, as we will have to remove the previous one in order to install the ceramics.

We now know the types of floor tiles that we can find in the market. As well as its advantages and disadvantages. So we are ready to choose the perfect flooring for our home. Taking into account the style of the house, because it will be with us for several years.

Ceramic tiles are ideal for kitchen and bathroom floors.
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