Advantages and disadvantages of a concrete swimming pool

Building a concrete swimming pool is a great investment for our home. Its durability is well known and therefore increases the value of the house. Among the other benefits that we will explain to you below.

We know that the pool is not just a place to swim, but also a place to relax that we can enjoy with friends and family.

We then explain the advantages and disadvantages of the various models available.

How do you make concrete pools?

There are currently 3 different methods of building concrete swimming pools. The architect is the most qualified specialist in deciding which is the most optimal building system for your home.

The most traditional method is to conduct Mix concrete in the area with stability from H17-H21 and a capacity of 210 kg x cm². The other option is the method known as conception. This represents the resistor H30, which is approximately 300 kg x cm².

This last method is for pneumatic spraying of concrete into the formwork and thus obtain greater stability and impermeability in the pool.

Finally, there is one other option that should be used Concrete blocks. That is, precast concrete elements and chain beams are used.

It’s easier to install, just need to install the chain, secure it with screws, and assemble it. To get a good finish, it is very important to do the job with great precision.

We’ll tell you in the next article how to hire a good pool builder.

Advantages and disadvantages of concrete swimming pools

Although we already know that this type of swimming pool will be with us for many years if properly constructed and maintained, some advantages and disadvantages of this type of construction must be known.

Advantages of concrete swimming pools

Compared to other Types of poolsthe individual has several advantages that set them apart from others.

Size and shape

Unlike prefabricated houses that come from standard models, the concrete pool allows us to do this Choose the shape and size That fits best with our tastes and the space in the garden.


We can do the same Fully customize the cover of our concrete poolThere are a variety of materials and options that we can use to make it even more suitable for our home patio. We also have the option to choose the color that we like the most.

Higher resilience

When it comes to materials with which a swimming pool can be built, Concrete is more durable than vinyl or fiberglassTherefore, even if the investment is more expensive, the pool will be in good condition for a longer period of time.

Variety of depth

We’ll probably need the pool to maintain one the same depth level or variant depending on the area. This task is easier to do with the required measurements using concrete pools.

House value

It may not be something we like to think about right now, but if one day we want or have to sell the house, a concrete pool will add dramatically to the value of the house.

Disadvantages of concrete swimming pools

There are many advantages to building a concrete swimming pool. But also some disadvantages. Even if they are minors, it is very important to take them into account as they can influence our decision.

construction time

One of the downsides to this type of pool is this The construction time is longer than the others. So if we’re not in a hurry, this is always the most ideal option.

If the pool is not very large, the production time will not be too long depending on the design.

labour costs

This is probably the main disadvantage of this type of pool. This is the main reason many homeowners are turning to other types of swimming pools. From those made of concrete have a very high price compared to others.

Guess what Reference price before making a decision.

Concrete pool styles

While when we build one Concrete pool We try to keep our own style and differentiate ourselves from the othersThere are a variety of models from which we can take this idea and adapt it to our tastes and the style of the house.

Wet solarium

If we want to sunbathe in a cool place or if we have a place where the little ones can enjoy the pool without taking any risks, wet solarium is the best way to achieve this. It is an area similar to a small pool with a shallow depth, which makes the pool look very nice. This option is ideal if you respect the hours you can sunbathe because the depth is shallow.

There are many options to complement the pool, which will make it more useful and visibly improve its appearance. We can add will restin which we can relax. In addition to creating a space for fun and sunbathing in hot weather.

The sun loungers are available in different shapes, materials and colors to match the parasols and add style to the pool. Another idea is to add a ribbon. Which can be wood if you take care of its water resistance.

Create a unique place where we can enjoy drinks and snacks while enjoying the water with friends or family.

We’ve already seen that building a concrete swimming pool can take time and money, but the benefits we can get from it are well worth it.

In addition, we can enjoy a swimming pool that has been completely adapted to our tastes and the style of the house for many years. The most important thing is that it needs to be serviced to extend its useful life.

One of the concerns to consider is cleaning the water and renewing the color. Don’t forget this guy Swimming pools need maintenance even though it is winter.

In this way we can keep the dream pool with a place to relax and enjoy the summer with family or friends.

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