Add color to a neutral bath

The bathroom It is one of the most important rooms in the house. In return, he’s also one of the The most requested reform remains. Either over time or because you bought a house to reform it, the market keeps coming up with novelties and improvements for the bathroom. Currently one of the most popular options is reform a neutral bath. In other words, create a pleasant, bright and visually spacious room.


These properties are achieved through the use of neutral tones. Thermal baths white, beige, gray, They are among the most common. Although it is true that this option is the most successful and it gives us a very comfortable space, we have a few options for Add a colored dot to a neutral bath.

Bright colors on the walls

One of the first ways we can add color to a neutral bathroom is on the walls. Imagine a bathroom with tiled walls. They are a modern and neutral design option white tileswhether normal or Subway type. They offer a lot of light and space in the room and are framed on the inside contemporary decorative style.

Now we can still apply a note with a light color without contradicting the general idea. For example we can bet Row of tiles in a color contrasting with white and with which the freshness and pleasant atmosphere of the bathroom are not lost. With that in mind, like colors blue, green and even black They can bring in the touch of bright colors that will make the difference.

Bathroom decoration

Depending on the color chosen to add color to a neutral bathroom, we can decorate the rest of the space. You can use both decorative elements as such, and bathroom elements. For example, if we chose blue, what’s better than Place textiles of the same color. Towels of the same color as the ones used in the tiles will continue to add color and make the image of the bathroom or toilet much more consistent.

Another coating that goes very well in a neutral bathroom is frame. We can choose this for the sink cabinet or put some shelves. In addition to their more practical use, they also give us a perfect place to place decorative elements that add color. For example we can choose small plants of a very light green color.

Light colors in a neutral bathroom

Here are a number of ideas on how to apply a pop of bright colors neutral bath. The requirement for a bathroom or toilet with a neutral design does not contradict the inclusion of a more dynamic space. The advice of good professionals will see that it can be done while enjoying a cozy and quiet space.