A large bag to easily remove the debris

A lot of waste is generated on construction sites, especially when professionals have to remove walls and ceilings. Debris builds up and evacuation can be a chore. You need to budget for work, a truck, and lots of transportation to the recycling yard. It costs time and, above all, money that is not used for the company. For this reason, you need to consult the experts. They offer you a large bag for the rubble, which has serious advantages.

Why choose such a solution?

When workers are removing trash and debris, they are not working on the construction site. You lose time and the deadlines are ultimately much longer. Thanks to this revolutionary rubble clearance, you can finally devote yourself to all phases of the project without being disturbed by other formalities.

  • You save time, you no longer have to plan trips to and from the recycling yard.
  • You no longer lose time in traffic jams, which also means a considerable amount of fuel.
  • You control the cost of the sites, the prices are fixed and you have fixed prices for that big bag of trash.
  • You will no longer be forced to fill out documents to dispose of all waste.
  • This professional will give you a BSD and you will have the traceability required by French law.

Do not hesitate to find out more from this experienced company, especially to learn a little more about this service. The process is quite simple as you get bins adapted to the amount of waste generated. You fill them out and a specialized company will pick you up on site. The treatment takes place as quickly as possible, whether in the city, in the country or on large construction sites.

So you need to contact this professional for an estimate of the price. The latter are then refined if you decide to use their services. You can travel to Paris, Lyon and Marseille, you have exact costs each time. You can expect less than 70 euros HT per m3 for the center of Paris and the surrounding area, compared to 80 euros for the outer part of the capital.

Choose a large bag for the rubble

You can use your own big bag or opt for one from this professional. In this case, you should know that they will be billed less than 10 euros excluding tax per unit. You thus have a volume of 1 m3. If you want a slightly larger container with 2 m3, you have to plan for less than 20 euros plus VAT per unit. Then all you have to do is drop them off at the construction site and experts come to empty them or pick them up.

Do not hesitate to contact this company, which also plans to evacuate all waste and debris as soon as possible. You save time and money and organize the work of teams that are not distracted by other tasks more easily.