A Guide to “R” Ratings for Tile

Sorting the tiles explained R13 – R9

As you browse some of our ranges you will sometimes come across an 'R' rating. The letter “R” followed by a number. Put simply, this rating provides an indication of the slip rating.

The R actually stands for “Ramp Test”. The higher the number, the less slippery the tile is. If you would like to learn more about ramp testing and tile grading, you can find this information with a quick Google search.

If a tile series does not have an R rating, it does not mean that it is not suitable for the application. This simply means that they have not been tested for use. However, to ensure safe application, choose an R-rated tile.

For your convenience and understanding, below are the R ratings for which tiles are best suited:

Anti-slip tiles R9

R9 is the lowest rating for non-slip tiles. They are suitable for domestic environments and, if porcelain is involved, for some commercial environments where reduced slip resistance is not essential.

For use in dry areas where the soil is rarely exposed to water. Ideally, R9 tiles should not be used outdoors or in humid environments.

Anti-slip tiles R10

R10 tiles prevent slips in domestic environments. Perfect for kitchens and bathrooms. R10 porcelain tiles can also be used outdoors or in commercial areas. For use in occasionally wet areas, such as kitchens, laundry rooms or bathrooms.

Anti-slip tiles R11

R11 tiles are perfect for commercial environments. For example, office floors where support is needed. In the domestic sector, their durability and slip resistance make them suitable not only for kitchens and bathrooms, but also for living rooms and hallways. Most R11 series have a texture on the surface that provides better grip. The R11 series is also suitable for outdoor use, e.g. terraces and gardens.

Anti-slip tiles R12

Similar to the R11 ranges, the R12 ranges also offer the added benefit of added texture and can also be used in wet areas such as changing rooms, poolside, hotel lobbies, shopping centers etc. However, don't rely on the R12 series to prevent slipping. R13 ranges are the safest option.

Anti-slip tiles R13

For commercial use such as airports, swimming pool areas, community pool changing rooms, etc., the R13 series are the safest choice. Similar to the R11 and R12 tiles, the R13 tiles have also been tested and have passed the most extreme slip tests. Choose R13 for internal and external business applications.

Here is a simple table you can use:

« R rating »…SUITABLE FOR…

R9 ceramic for domestic interior use

Porcelain (some) Commercial internal use

R10 kitchens


Laundry rooms

Internal and external application

R11 Kitchens Bathrooms

Laundry rooms



Office areas

Internal and external application

R12 Commercial areas indoor and outdoor

Changing rooms

At the swimming pool

Hotel foyers

R13 outdoor commercial space


Center commercial

Shared changing rooms

At the pool

Generally guaranteed