9 ideas for kitchen floors with the WOW factor

If you’re one of those people who spends a lot of time in the kitchen, chances are you’ll entertain visitors there too. These two elements mean that the space should be as attractive as possible – including the floor. If you’re looking for kitchen flooring ideas that create a real wow factor, here are our suggestions:


Wooden floors are very attractive, but expensive and require a lot of maintenance. Wood is also not a practical material for the type of activities that take place in a kitchen. Tiles, on the other hand, are easy to clean and durable. But they will never be as beautiful as a parquet, will they? With porcelain wood-look tiles, you can enjoy the best of both worlds and enjoy all of the easy-to-clean and waterproof benefits of tile, but with the warmth and beauty of wood. Get inspiration from the Vinto Ash tile.

Take your kitchen to a new level

If your kitchen is big enough, creating raised levels will give you a unique and eye-catching look. Using different floors on the different levels creates a rare look in a kitchen and draws attention to the step.

Pure white

White tiles make any room appear larger, so white tile floors are great for small spaces. And if your kitchen gets a lot of sunlight, white tiles will reflect it, making the space even bigger and brighter.

Perfect model

Patterned tiles are all the rage and there are some beautiful designs that look amazing in the kitchen.

The transition trickled

Something new in the world of kitchen floors is the idea of ​​the so-called “trickle transition”. Instead of the usual straight lines, a more organic, textured transition can create the wow factor. This is usually constructed with rectangular tiles laid in a herringbone pattern, but can be done with any shaped tile.


In addition to the natural wood look, stone is another way to give your kitchen a rustic and natural look. Porcelain stone tiles are available in many colors and variations to create a modern and contemporary kitchen.

Focus on the island

If your kitchen has an island, you can use your kitchen floor to highlight the area it’s in, which also « breaks up » the space. Different goals can really go a long way in creating the wow factor.


Retro kitchens are on the rise and the floor is an integral part of this look. A black and white checkered floor gives this impression immediately and easily creates a timeless wow factor. Or use tiles with a vintage wood design.


If you want to make a simple and bold statement, a monochrome scheme will really make your kitchen stand out. Compare the color of the floor to the walls, kitchen splashback and units to make the whole look sleek and stylish. And you don’t necessarily have to think about black and white – different two-tone combinations can personalize your kitchen without sacrificing the desired wow factor.