8 ideas for a new and inexpensive house

After a deep economic crisis that severely affected residential construction, the concept was adopted by Low prices It has been identified as the key word for successful housekeeping. Long-term plan, Manage energy savings and use very durable materials, preferably environmentally friendly, all at a low cost. All of this, along with the fact that property prices have skyrocketed and prevented many young people from accessing them, make cheap classics a vocabulary. Do you want to calculate the cost of building a new house?


New building of a house. Photo: Arquitraza arquitectura

Here you can find 8 ideas to save money and get more out of your new home.

Number of dimensions

You don’t have to start with a huge houseReally think about your needs, the number of people who make up your family core, and choose modular house. The idea is not new, but it is very useful. For example, if there is a child, you can add an extra plant or expand the house with a new room overlooking the garden.

New building of a house

Local materials

When you think about it to build a houseThe best option is to choose local materials. Trust the craftsmanship and you will save transport costs. ON specialized architect it can certainly guide you in your decisions.

Electrical system in sight

Not having to do a traditional installation like you would in any home will save you a lot of money. However, if you think beyond the economic problem, you can make your home a different design that has more to do with it. Industrial styleWhere exactly costs are to be reduced, they leave the electrical system in sight. Even if you can do it with the installation, the pipes in the eyes are very noticeable aesthetically.

Visible electrical installation

save energy

We all know that LED light save us a 50% on the electricity billHowever, if we add a dimmer the savings can reach 70%.

Open kitchens

If you are planning to change your kitchen, there is an opportunity to save Use tall, open furniture or bet directly on a Work kitchen where furniture is not needed. Sure, you need to clean more, but you will find your kitchen will last for more years if you don’t have doors. Open kitchens In other rooms, they are also another alternative to consider when designing your kitchen.

Source: mydecohome.com

Multifunctional elements

Make sure certain elements of your home double-act and save money Furniture;; For example the ladder, which is also a bookcase. You can also take into account Stairs and take it The best possible way.


to get antique furniture In the house you recently bought you can enjoy it. And that also applies to the earth. The Hydraulic plates They’re a classic in old homes. You can restore them and add a vintage touch to your home.

domestic appliances

There is no doubt that the savings will be in the long run: Choose appliances like class A refrigerators or washing machines.as well as radiators with maximum efficiency.

Natural light

Learn how to get the most out of you natural light. If you have rooms where there is not enough light, there are a few techniques you can learn bring natural light to these rooms.

If you want to build a new house or reform an old one without spending a lot of money, you can get a quote from specialists and put into practice all the ideas we have given you.