7 ways to make your job more profitable

Can I increase my profit with my work? You have certainly been asked this question a number of times. And in Plan Reforma we give you the answer: yes it is possible, today we want to share some tips that you can apply to get the most of what becomes more money for you. Some of them you may already know, others not, but in any case they are simpler than they appear at first glance. because Basis that you already have: resources, professionalism and efficiency. Now you need to consider other details that other reformers may overlook, but it will undoubtedly help you do something else. Let’s see what they are:


  • Save when purchasing materialsKnowing how to buy materials at a good price will help you make more profit. In addition, at Plan Reforma we have several tools to help you get discounts that go straight to your pocket. Comment on the new STIMAT purchasing group. For example, you can buy all the materials in a work at once and automatically receive exclusive discounts for yourself. This new tool will also save you time so you can get more jobs done and increase your bottom line.
  • Record the number of trips to download materials: We often think that our time doesn’t cost us money and neither does the miles we travel. But every hour we waste can become a day in the month when we stop being productive and therefore stop making money. That lost day still has costs for electricity, water, rent etc … So yes, your time is a direct cost factor. If you try not to waste minutes, you will get it Increase the profit of your work. For this reason, every kilometer saved is a direct fuel saving and depreciation of your car. The fewer trips you make a year, the longer your car will last, right? And for this we offer 2 options:
  • never mind Buy all materials online at the same time (with our purchasing group it will cost you a minute) or at least try to compile a list of the materials to be purchased, procure them immediately and pick them up on site.
  • And if it wasn’t possible Collective purchases of several works So you don’t have to both go to your warehouse.
  • Get your customers to choose more expensive products: If a product is more expensive, it is because it is generally better and of better quality. So here is one winning relationship where you can increase the profit margin, the customer has installed more reliable materials with longer shelf life and the manufacturer can offer more warranty and after-sales service.
  • Convince your customers to do more: Once the customer has decided on the job, why not do everything at once? Now and even more after the Covid-19 pandemic, home is more than a place to sleep and eat, it is a place where you feel safe. So if your customer chooses to do repairs, why not encourage them to do more? Help him plan his work so that it does not take up time and cause discomfort, as reform, noise, dust and clutter at home can only add to the stress. Plan your implementation clearly and concisely and they will appreciate your help. Show them confidence and practicality and they will appreciate it. In addition, there are currently funding options to help you out when you run out of cash.
  • Convince your customers of a more sustainable investment: You have to show that you are aware of all changes and developments in the construction industry. Therefore, if the customer chooses to work, recommend more permanent solutions. They may think in advance that they are more expensive, but when this is well explained, they will see the need to build a more efficient home that will allow them to Save more energy (and thus reduce your electricity bills) and resources with minimal impact on the environment. Examples like the insulation of facades or walls, double-glazed windows, the good use of the sun, the use of environmentally friendly materials or even the bet on home automation are some of the reforms of which not only you, but also you.
  • Formulate and explain the scholarships available in your autonomous community or city. Convince your customers of a reform to improve energy efficiency in order to receive aid and subsidies: Tell them it is time to adapt their home to new energy needs, more sustainable and environmentally friendly. Explain that the government has a variety of Rehabilitation aid and regenerate the Spanish real estate fund and reduce CO2 emissions through the implementation of energy-saving and efficiency projects. With these scholarships, they have a real feeling that they don’t have to invest that much at once and you have a better chance of doing more work, which leads to more income.
  • Provide the best customer service: This moment is important. Several studies show it 86% of customers are willing to pay up to 25% more for better care. And a satisfied customer costs two. With this strategy, they can give you more work or order more work from you on the one hand, and bring you other future customers on the other. The stronger, more reliable, and more stable the connection, the more benefits it will bring you. Guaranteed.
  • What would you say? Did you think that your work would not increase your bottom line? There are many options that will delight not only you, but your customers as well. Discover our digital tools such as the budget generator or the STIMAT shopping center and become more competitive on the market.


  • Author: reform of the regime

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