7 steps to making lasting reforms in your home

Small change for your home, great progress for humanity. And is it? Green and sustainable is more important than everand also reaches the world of building and repairing. A sustainable home is a home that uses energy and resources efficiently with minimal impact on the environment. This also applies to the use of sustainable building materials and even recyclable. Without a doubt, everything is added. Sustainable renovation and retrofitting of old homes to make them better on the planet will ensure this Reduction of energy losses, less cabin maintenance and more resource reuse. In addition, they extend the useful life of our house and improve our quality of life.


More permanent reforms They are possible if they are well designed and considered. Reshaping is an easy task and shouldn’t cause a lot of headaches. To avoid possible last minute mistakes or surprises, the Plan Reforma blog offers 7 steps to consider before getting down to business and making a more lasting change in our house.

  • Insulation of walls, facades, floors and ceilings: You have already decided to rely on renewable energies. Good for now. But what would this investment be for if your house was poorly insulated? Imagine turning on the heating in winter and the heat escaping through cracks or holes in the facades or through cracks in the ceiling. There is no doubt that the energy bill will be substantial. That is why the renovation of facades, roofs or floors must have good thermal insulation, as this can mean energy savings of up to 50%, a real scandal!
  • Install double insulated windows: As in the previous point, sustainable reforms include renovating windows to reduce monthly energy loss. Windows are the element that acts as a barrier and filter between outside and inside air. Hence, it is important to properly isolate and seal them.
  • Enjoy the sun: You need to try to get the most out of sunlight as windows let in energy and absorb heat, reducing the need to overheat the house in winter or maintain the correct temperature in summer. The possibility of installing solar panels to generate electricity or hot water can also be considered. There are photovoltaic solar panels that convert sunlight into electricity without the need for direct sunlight to operate, so they can generate electricity even on cloudy days.
  • Choose more energy efficient devices: Using more efficient and durable equipment will undoubtedly reduce energy consumption. Choose refrigerators, washers, dryers, or microwaves that recently have the new energy label on the device approved by the OCUwhere the balance returns from A to G, with A being the most environmentally friendly device.
  • Use more ecological materials: Today we have no more excuses, it is possible to find all the latest generation materials, the production process of which was more environmentally friendly. If you’ve already decided on permanent reforms in your home, why not go all the way? You can find sustainable materials on the market that range from environmentally friendly paints that use less energy to recyclable and non-toxic building materials. In addition, focusing on local reformers will reduce the carbon footprint by reducing the transport of this material from one location to another.
  • Choose local or native plants to decorate the interior and exterior of your home: Plants naturally purify the air, and besides, having plants that are better adapted to local living conditions will result in their needing less water for irrigation, even if it sounds silly. Less fertilizer and less energy to conserve them.
  • Bet on home automation in your home: The installation of home automation, like the Schneider Wiser system, which we have already explained on another occasion, uses intelligent technology not only to make our daily lives easier, but also to master aspects such as lighting programs or heating, energy efficiency, that makes our home in a more sustainable space.
  • The fact is that sustainable reforms are not only modern, but also important if we are at least concerned about life on our planet and the environment. In the construction industry, the sustainable renovation of existing homes is of vital importance. As governments invest more and more resources and efforts ecological modernizationThe responsibility rests with consumers when building new houses or completely renovating their homes. Want to know how much a greener home renovation would cost? To see them more than 20,000 professionals To help you.