5 things worth knowing about heating and gas

There is nothing quite like coming home during these winter months to warm up, curl up in the living room with your family and enjoy the warmth of home. But have you ever wondered how and since when we can enjoy warm houses despite the outside temperatures Do you know which heating systems are used in this country or elsewhere? Today we will tell you 5 things worth knowing about heating and gas.

A heating system invented by the Romans

One of the first invented heating systems It dates back to Roman times and is known as the Hypocaust. This system was widely used in bathrooms and homes with electricity. These were ovens outside buildings that produced steam that was piped through underground homes. This system, unlike fireplaces, radiated heat into the home without the combustion gases of the fuel entering the home. Undoubtedly it could have been the forerunner of many brilliant flooring systems in use today.

How do families in Japan warm up?

In Japan, the element is mainly used to expel the cold from the houses. It’s called Kotatsu. that Kotatsu is a mixture of radiator, table and cover in which the cooler is located inside. So families gather around him to eat or just live.

When did natural gas start to be used?

Thanks to natural gas was used American inventor Alice H. Parker. In 1919 he designed a central heating system using gas as fuel. This turned out to be the forerunner of today’s central heating system.

How is heating in Spain?

bronzer Only 10% of Spanish homes have central heating In our country. Those with individual heating are 25%. It is estimated that central heating costs account for up to 60% of the population. However, it’s also a saving as you can access special rates when fuel costs are high. This option is not included in the individual tariffs.

The Origin of the Phrase « Be in Glory »

Centuries after the Romans used the hypocaust, they began to be used in Spain, celebrate in the region of Castile. A similar system where the fuel (straw, wood, etc.) was burned in a room outside the home, then passed through pipes that eventually gave off smoke through a vertical chimney. That is why this term, which is so widespread today, was used in our country.

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