5 natural remedies for bathroom mold

Mold in the bathroom is sometimes unavoidable, but also annoying. This happens when the steam comes into contact with the walls or other surfaces in the bathroom (which are colder, especially in winter). But how can we kill him?

In today’s article, we’ll show you five natural remedies to get rid of mold in your bathroom.

1. Baking soda

Baking soda can be a great ally as it absorbs moisture very well. To do this, all you have to do is dissolve it in a glass of water and spray it on the mold-affected area. After that, he starts scrubbing with an old toothbrush.

2. Vinegar

Unlike baking soda, it is best applied directly without diluting it so it doesn’t lose its acidic concentration. Later, leave it on for a while and scrub vigorously.

3. Boric acid or borax

Boric acid, or borax, is the powdered deodorant we use on our feet and shoes. But you can also help us get rid of mold.

Use about a cup of borax per quart of water and apply to the affected area. Leave on and rinse well with water (always in a well-ventilated bathroom and avoiding children or pets as ingestion is toxic).

4. Tea Tree Oil.

In this case, since the oil has antifungal properties, it is quite simple to put a spoonful of this product in a glass of water and spread it on the appropriate area with a cloth. Then leave it on without rinsing.

5. Hydrogen Peroxide.

Ultimately, the purpose of hydrogen peroxide is to directly eliminate bacteria and kill mold without producing toxic gases. To do this, spray everywhere where mold appears and leave to act for at least a quarter of an hour. Later, use a small brush to restore the whiteness of the joints.

Avoid it!

To avoid this, the ideal would be to keep the bathroom as clean and dry as possible. Spray all bathroom surfaces with an all-purpose cleaner at least once a week, wash curtain liners and bath mats frequently, leave towels in the bathroom, and most importantly, try to remove dust and excess water from the bathroom.