4 Use a wooden sliding door in your home

The wooden sliding door is the perfect solution to separate environments without taking up space. It also offers the opportunity to enjoy the open design and privacy even when closed.

The style of the selected tree adds another detail to the style of the home. Since it is made of wood, this is A functional and practical element gives extra warmth to the environment.

Why is it better to use a wooden sliding door?

One of the reasons they are most sought after is that Wood is a material that brings warmth to the environment and adapts to all interior styles. Sliding doors make it possible to close rooms with a width of more than four meters in a mobile, orderly and elegant way.

The tree also provides safety as the glass can break if it is more than 0.8 m or more than a meter wide. As for the tone Wood insulates more than glass. It also allows you to varnish them and give them the tone that best suits the design of the house.

For this reason, the wooden sliding door brings warmth, security and insulation to an environment that we want to separate from another. The most common type of wood used is hardwood, although softwood is another option if the environment in which it will be installed is dry.

The places where this type of fence is placed are in high traffic areas. For example, between kitchen and dining room, exit to the courtyard. They also allow quick access to the other room. Since the lock does not need to be operated, it is simply pushed to open or close.

It even allows you to maintain the heat in the environment or reduce the size of the environment to reduce heating costs. For this it is necessary to foresee the installation of a door hinge or any other thermal insulation system.

Conditions for installing a wooden sliding door

In order for the system to function properly and safely, certain conditions must be met. First, the beam to which the slide will be mounted must be strong enough to support the weight of the doors.

The wood for the doors should be of good quality, not bent or broken. The ground on which it slides must be levelwhether the bottom guide is required or not. With this in mind, it is better to avoid mounting a guide on the floor as it can cause tripping and dirt accumulation.

Types of wooden sliding doors

There are currently many models classified by the type of wood, mechanism and finish.

Integrated wooden sliding door

This design requires hiding a door between two walls that is completely hidden when opened. This system has the advantage of being able to use the wall to place shelves or tables. However, it is not easy to install, it requires a bricklayer to install.

Contact a trusted mason.

Wooden sliding door with guides

In this version, the doors are mounted on guides that are screwed to the wall or ceiling. They are always visible whether they are closed or open. Back panels cannot be used for decorations or shelves. But they are easier to install.

A very modern design is one that resembles the gates of a farmhouse. The sight of The wood is natural and the boards are arranged side by side, some are crossed horizontally or crosswise. The rustic style allows it to be adapted to modern decorations.

Wooden automatic sliding door

This design is ideal for driveways or BBQ areas due to security. The special thing about this type of installation is that are activated automatically at the touch of a button.

It is another contribution to the elegance of the facades of houses and they do not require any maintenance.

Wooden sliding closet door

One of the greatest uses for a sliding wood door is in closets. When installing folding doors, more space is required, but you have more access to the entire interior of the cabinet.

If, on the other hand, sliding doors are used, no additional space is required, but this space can be occupied by furniture with the exception of a minimal proximity to the cabinet You only have access to half the closet at a time.

Wooden sliding door holder

The material to be used must be chosen according to the characteristics of the environment and the style of the house. A reliable carpenter It is the best option to advise you on the most suitable design for the space you want to divide.

The wood does not require maintenance, but if it is a closet then care must be taken not to overdo the amount of clothing and not to warp the wooden doors or unbalance the rails. With fittings, it is important to check this Metals will not rust and plastics will not be brokenyes If yes, they should be replaced as soon as possible to avoid damaging the door.

We also need to make sure the rails are clear and clear so the slide is smooth.

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